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NFL Moves Indianapolis Colts-New England Patriots Game Using Flex Scheduling

November 5th, 2012 at 2:11 PM
By Chuck Chapman

The Indianapolis Colts success has gotten the attention of the TV executives in charge of scheduling NFL games. Using their "flex" scheduling options in which the networks can request more high profile games for their prime spots in the season's final weeks, the game between the Colts and Patriots in week 11 has been moved to 4:25.

The game was originally scheduled for a 1:00 ET kickoff. When the schedules came out, there was no reason to think this matchup would have any playoff ramifications. With the Colts and Patriots both likely to be 6-3 heading into that game, however, CBS saw the first Brady/Luck matchup as an attractive one.

The Colts/Patriots game will be shown to the majority of the country on CBS that Sunday. The Charger/Broncos game will be shown in local markets with interest in San Diego and Denver. 

The Colts were essentially shut out of any featured time slots following last season's 2-14 finish. They will face Jacksonville this Thursday as part of the NFL Network's slate of games, but every NFL team is featured at least once in those games.

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