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NFL Week 9 Pickem: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

November 1st, 2012 at 10:36 AM
By Chuck Chapman


Several NFL teams are facing desperate times this weekend. Being 3-4 or 3-5 at the midway point of the season isn't insurmountable, but having six losses at this point likely means you need to start watching more college football on Saturdays to scout next year's draft prospects.
That list would include the Chargers, Bengals, Bills, Cowboys and Steven, all of whom need big weeks this week to stay in the hunt. Steven picked up a game last week, going 9-5 to my 8-6 (why I put any confidence in the Jets or Eagles, I don't know). He's not going to catch me at that rate, however. On the year, Steven is 62-56 and I'm 74-44. Let's see if he can gain any ground with this week's picks:
Kansas City at San Diego- Steven: Chargers – "Kansas City finally leads during regulation, then San Diego returns a kickoff for a touchdown and it all goes downhill from there." Chuck: Chargers- "Poor Romeo Crennel. He deserves better than this lot. Norv Turner keeps his job for one more week."
Denver at Cincinnati- Steven: Bengals -"Bye week will cure some woes for Cincinnati, who need a win at home." Chuck: Bengals- "Yesterday, I told you how the Broncos have been behind by 20 points in four of their seven games, including all three road games. Marvin Lewis is no Norv Turner. The Bengals save their season with a big win."
Baltimore at Cleveland- Steven: Ravens – "Closer than you would think. Bold prediction comes in the form of a big day for Brandon Weeden." Chuck: Browns- "Cleveland is playing some good football with their new owner sitting in the stadium. I'm taking the Browns in a shocker."
Arizona at Green Bay- Steven: Packers – "Game goes to overtime, but I don't see Arizona having an offense to score a clutch touchdown." Chuck: Packers- "Arizona has 4-0. Then Kevin Kolb got hurt. Now they're 4-4. Call me crazy, but I sense a trend that won't end in Green Bay."
Buffalo at Houston- Steven: Texans – "Nice, easy match up out of the bye where Arian Foster controls the pace." Chuck: Texans- "Buffalo  hasn't even been close when playing good teams. Houston is a very good team. Do the math."
Miami at Indianapolis- Steven: Colts – "Open your eyes Colts fans, this time makes a legitimate move towards a playoff push this week." Chuck: Colts- "Miami is a lot better than anybody thought they would be. Andrew Luck has some Lucas Oil mojo going on though that well carry the Colts through this low-scoring affair. Look for Adam Vinatieri to add to his list of game-winners."
Detroit at Jacksonville- Steven: Jaguars – "Detroit is creeping its way into disappointment mode and is probably tired of playing on the road." Chuck: Lions- "Give the Jags credit for showing up in Green Bay last week. They'll keep it close again at home this week, but lose to the Lions."
Chicago at Tennessee- Steven: Bears – "Does Chicago's defense score again this week? So much that Julius Peppers is brought on to kick extra points." Chuck: Bears- "Chicago had a let-down last week and survived. Tennessee didn't. Two teams in opposite emotional directions."
Carolina at Washington- Steven: Redskins – "How an offense cannot score with Cam Newton in it, I don't know." Chuck: Panthers- "Carolina has lost their last four games by less than a touchdown and has faced a brutal schedule so far. The 'Skins still can't cover anybody. Big day for Steve Smith."
Tampa Bay at Oakland- Steven: Raiders – "Oakland moves into first place in the AFC West. That is bad." Chuck: Buccaneers- "Greg Schiano has this team believing in itself and has a stable of running backs who can pound the football."
Minnesota at Seattle- Steven: Vikings – "Seattle is too hit and miss to have a chance against solid teams." Chuck: Seahawks- "The Seahawks and Vikings are both better at home. Seattle is the home team."
Pittsburgh at New York Giants- Steven: Giants – "Another comeback needed, another strong Eli Manning performance." Chuck: Giants-"Pittsburgh's injury woes in the secondary show up in this matchup."
Dallas at Atlanta- Steven: Falcons – "Atlanta gets halfway to perfection, and finishes off any hope of a comeback for NFC South teams." Chuck: Falcons- "The Dallas dumpster fire has officially ignited. Jason Garrett may not survive the year."
Philadelphia at New Orleans- Steven: Saints – "Expect points, points and more points. You get points, and you get points, and you get points. Just spot them 20 each. New Orleans scores first and last." Chuck: Saints: "This is the Desperation Bowl. Philly has packed it in for the year."
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