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Bye Week Comes at Perfect Time for the Houston Texans

October 26th, 2012 at 10:43 AM
By Mike Wood

It’s been a slow week for fans of the Houston Texans. Whenever your favorite NFL enters their annual bye week, it begins a fourteen-day football-less stretch where the days seem endless, compounded by the news and coverage of the other teams and games being played this weekend. While the bye week always sucks for the fans of the team(s) who get the week off, it’s essential for the teams in one way or another. 

'The Texans at Reliant Park' photo (c) 2012, Ed Schipul - license:

For the Texans, their bye week came at a great time. The team is 6-1 and playing well, but certainly has plenty of room for improvement. The bye gives the Texans a chance to reflect on their first seven games and identify areas in which to spend extra time during the two week break in preparation for the second half of the season. The Texans will also have an opportunity for some extra game planning for the toughest portion of their schedule starting two weeks after their bye concludes. 

The biggest benefit of the bye week however is the ability to recuperate and rest injured players. The Texans are lucky that their bye week came in week 8 of the season and not earlier because it game the team time to accumulate injuries and serves as an almost midway point to the season. The Texans have numerous players with minor injuries but thankfully only one major injury (ILB Brian Cushing – ACL). The bye serves as a period of healing and rest so the minor injuries don’t progress into more serious maladies. Injuries have haunted the Texans some the past several seasons, but the team has been relatively injury-free this season, and the bye will help keep it that way.

Coming out of the bye week, the Texans will host the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, Nov. 4 in the return of former Texan DE Mario Williams. 

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