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How the Astros Can Bounce Back to Beat the Rangers?

February 16th, 2017 at 12:17 PM
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Last year, the Achilles heel of the Astros was their poor performance against the Texas Rangers.

The Rangers seemed to have the Astros number all year long. A few more wins against them might have put the team into the playoffs.

“They’ve just beat the hell out of usâ?¦ They’ve come into our ballpark, at their ballpark, and they’ve just beat us.”

Manager A.J. Hinch on the Astros’ struggles against the Rangers

Each game seemed to have its own unique, tragic way of spiraling out of control. Whether it be a shaky starting pitcher, sputtering offense, or a bullpen collapse, the Astros never seemed to catch a break. This poses a major question for Houston fans: How do we …

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