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Brett Favre Denies Offer to Join St. Louis Rams

October 24th, 2013 at 9:21 AM
By Sean Tehan

The Green Bay Packers (4-2) have moved on since the summer of 2008 and former legendary Packers quarterback Brett Favre apparently has as well.

Favre, who retired after the 2007 and 2008 seasons before retiring again after the 2010 NFL season became a player with a reputation to never retire from the game for good. Favre hasn't played in the NFL for the past two and a half seasons and it doesn't sound like he is making any kind of epic comeback soon, despite recent reports.

According to multiple media reports from FOX Sports and ESPN's Adam Schefter, the St. Louis Rams asked the 44-year old Favre to be their quarterback earlier this week. The Rams lost starting quarterback Sam Bradford to a season-ending torn ACL injury in their loss on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

Favre hasn't played in an NFL game since he was knocked out of a Monday Night Football game by Chicago Bears defensive end Corey Wootton as a member of the Minnesota Vikings. In 20 NFL seasons, 19 primarily as a starting quarterback in the NFL for the Packers, New York Jets and Vikings, Favre threw for an NFL record 71,838 passing yards, 508 touchdown passes and 336 interceptions.

Favre also helped lead the Packers to two Super Bowl appearances, including a victory in Super Bowl XXXI over the New England Patriots. Favre's exit from Green Bay was ugly when the team decided to move forward at quarterback with Favre's former backup, Aaron Rodgers, after Favre "retired" in March 2008.

The Packers traded Favre to the New York Jets, Favre played their for one season then before "retiring" again and later joined the Packers hated rival Minnesota Vikings in 2009. Favre spent two seasons with the Vikings before retiring what appeared to be for good.

The three-time NFL MVP told Sports Talk 570 in Washington D.C. that he has "had enough" and he will never play football again. Earlier this season though, Favre's former agent, Bus Cook, said his former client was in the best shape of his life and he "could play today".

Favre is currently an assistant high school football coach in Mississippi.

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