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Coach T: San Francisco is Better than the Green Bay Packers—So What?

September 8th, 2013 at 11:03 AM
By Sean Tehan

The Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers open up their NFL seasons in less than five hours in San Francisco, and in the famous words of Brian Fantana, “the mood is tense” throughout Packers nation. The 49ers are the defending NFC Champions, and they were five yards away from winning their sixth Super Bowl in franchise history.

The Packers were outscored by the 49ers, 75-53 in two games last season, including a divisional round 45-31 playoff drubbing in January. For the good of Packers nation, Packers 101’s Coach T has a message for the team—the 49ers are better…so what?

Coach T’s Words of Wisdom:

We (Packers) are at their (49ers) home stadium. Last season started and ended with losses to them. They torched and embarrassed us on both sides of the football. They’re the overwhelming favorites today. SO WHAT?

We allowed their quarterback (Colin Kaepernick) to run and throw all over us last year. They haven’t lost a home game in almost a year. Their head coach (Jim Harbaugh) keeps complaining about the league’s read-option ruling being flawed. SO WHAT?

They won the conference last year, and return 18 starters from last season. All of their linebackers could be the next Defensive Player of the Year winner. Their offensive line alone has three Pro Bowl players. SO WHAT?

WE have won the majority of our road games since 2009. Our quarterback (Aaron Rodgers) played better on the road than he did at Lambeau. WE are fearless of THEM. I’m tired of hearing how physically tough they are and how weak and soft we are. WE are just as physical. WE are just as tough.

WE have worked too hard to get back here since January. WE are better today than we were at the start of August. WE, not them, have the best linebacker (Clay Matthews) in all of football. Our linebackers and defense are going to give their quarterback and offense complete hell, from the opening kickoff until the final whistle.

We lost some key players since the last time we played them. They’ve lost some key players too. We have rookies, they have rookies. We have news guys, they have new guys. We will have opening day jitters, and I can guarantee you that they will be just as nervous.

The difference between US and THEM? WE are better off without our veteran departures—THEY are not. WE are confident. WE are talented. WE are Packers. They believe they have all of the momentum. WE have the passion, anger, and too much pride to avoid an encore embarrassment.

They believe they will make the NFL laugh at you once again. YOU won’t let that happen. THEY don’t believe they will get hit. YOU are ready to give them a beating. THEY believe this game will go their way, WE won’t let it go their way.

This is OUR game. WE set the tone. WE make the plays. WE win the game. It is one giant step of 16. Football is a beautiful game gentlemen—it is even more beautiful when Titletown is sitting at the top. This is step one. Here we go. GO TAKE IT.

Packers News and Notes: Packers cornerback Casey Hayward (hamstring) could miss the first month of the NFL season, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Hayward was ruled out of Sunday’s game earlier this week…Safety Morgan Burnett (hamstring) will NOT play Sunday, and linebacker Brad Jones (hamstring) is a game-time decision.

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