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Martellus Bennett sends Aaron Rodgers some weird texts

Packers tight end Martellus Bennett has made it a point to get close to quarterback Aaron Rodgers since signing with Green Bay. But the way he's gone about it one you might not expect, at least until you consider the source.

GET PACKERS STUFF Green Bay Packers 4 Times Super Bowl Champion Ultra Decal

GREAT PACKERS GEAR Every Green Bay die-hard needs to have a collection of amazing Green Bay stuff, right? So, every few days I'm going to show you some

Packers’ third-year cornerbacks expect bounce-back seasons in 2017 FEATURED BLOG POST

FEATURED PACKERS LINK I enjoy writing on my thoughts about the Packers on this website, but since I visit so many other Packers sites, now and again it just

Former Packers president dies at 98

Judge Robert J. Parins, a former Packers president credited with transforming the franchise after 20 years of struggles, has died.

SPYGAMES: Why I’m a fan of the Detroit Lions

KEEPING AN EYE ON THE RIVALS OF THE GREEN BAY PACKERS Hello Green Bay Fans It seems that most Packers faithful like to not only keep up with their

Aaron Rodgers gifts offensive line $20,000 ATVs

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has always been in a giving mood when it comes to those tasked with protecting him on the football field.Even as his Packers start their off-season program a

Cris Carter explains OBJ’s poor performance in playoffs

As it turns out, Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter is serving as something more than a mentor for Odell Beckham Jr. Carter also is acting as a mouthpiece, of sorts.

Great Packers Picture – Seattle Seahawks fan

Featured Flickr Picture This is a little something different, occasionally I'm going to show you guys a random photo from Flickr that is tagged with "Green

Free agent NFL TE asks for prayers as he battles cancer

In December, shortly after he was released by the Baltimore Ravens, it was revealed that tight end Mitchell Henry had cancer. On Friday, he took to Twitter asking for support in the form of prayers.

ACROSS ENEMY LINES: Why I’m a fan of the Detroit Lions

KEEPING A WATCHFUL EYE ON THE RIVALS OF THE GREEN BAY PACKERS What's Up Green Bay Packers Fans Since many Packers fanatics like to not only keep up with


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