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About the Authors
Rick Siddons
Rick Siddons
Editor Rick Siddons is a first time journalist with a long and successful career in sales in the technology industry.   Rick has had a long time passion for the game of golf, as a weekend player, and a devoted follower of the game, its history, its heroes, champions, and characters, as well as the technology and architecture side of the sport.  As a developing writer, Rick will attempt to engage the audience with daily updates, conversation starters, quips, and thoughts and stories around the games personalities, traditions, venues, and top majors and events on the PGA Tour.  The Champions Tour, the LPGA, the web.com tour, and top Amateur golf will be given their due as well in the coming months.  Rick also will welcome any suggestions on topics or trends in the game.  So for now, it's Fairways and Greens to everyone..and Hit 'em straight and seldom...!