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Detroit Tigers Power Ranking Update: Ugly Streak Helps Team Fall Back to the Pack

May 27th, 2014 at 9:36 AM
By Max DeMara

After the Detroit Tigers made moves last week, the positive momentum was halted by a nasty losing streak, which has seen the Tigers lose all but one game, and most in very lopsided fashion.

'Detroit Tigers relief pitcher Al Alburquerque (62)' photo (c) 2011, Keith Allison - license:

The raters have taken notice, and the Tigers are coming back down after being on top of the world for one week. Still, the team takes a modest step back in most of the rankings, and many realize that the losing streak is just part of the pitfalls of a long, confusing baseball season.

Sports Illustrated: 3rd. Last Week: 1st. No word about the Tigers from SI, but they do push them down two spots in the rankings since last week. That's a modest drop considering all the losing. It will likely change in the week ahead, and the team will probably drop more.

ESPN: 2nd. Last Week: 1st. Detroit moves down one spot in ESPN's rankings this week, and as the wrtieup says, one simply can't predict baseball, considering Detroit looked good against Baltimore and Boston, yet just as bad against Cleveland and Texas. The starters had an ERA of 8.00 in the 1-6 streak, which is no good, and the cause of the problems.

USA Today: 2nd. Last Week: 1st. USA Today moves Detroit down in favor of the San Francisco Giants, and notes that the team was outscored 35-15 in four games against the Texas Rangers at Comerica Park. Ouch.

Fox Sports: 10th. Last Week: 2nd. The folks at Fox Sports offer a panicky drop for the Tigers, pushing them down into the 10th spot this week, and noting that they still have a decent A.L. Central lead, but that won't be the case for long if the team continues on its ugly stretch. As bad as the Tigers have been, who in the division is ready to catch them?

The Rundown

Highest Rank: 2nd

Lowest Rank: 10th

Their Overall Consensus: The Tigers have been bombed lately after a stretch of good starts, but that's just baseball. They're not hearing footsteps yet in the division, but if the rough patch continues, they soon could.

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