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Regardless of Injury, Prince Fielder’s Actions, Words Don’t Provide Slugger a Good Look

May 22nd, 2014 at 11:40 AM
By Max DeMara

"I don't give a (bleep) about the Detroit series."

That sounds suspiciously like, "it's over, bro."

'Prince Fielder' photo (c) 2012, Keith Allison - license:

Thanks to injury, Prince Fielder isn't making the trip to face the Detroit Tigers, his former team, and hasn't exactly made any bones about his lack of care for the first series against his former club. A disc injury likely cost him a chance to play in the four game set, and thanks to that, he isn't traveling back to the Motor City immediately, either.

New city, same look, same old Fielder. When Detroit signed the slugger in 2012, it was clear they were getting a powerful hitter and durable competitor, but unclear just what a powerful enigma they were getting between the ears and everywhere else. That's abundantly clear now.

Stress from injury or not, Fielder's latest round of pointed comments prove that nothing has changed. Ian Kinsler, the Tigers new second baseman, had a much more diplomatic description about the his first series against Texas. 

"I'm trying to win and I'm not trying to live up to what he did here or what the fans expect of me or anything else," Kinsler said in an article by Rod Beard of the Detroit News.

Inside, however, it's clear that Kinsler's passion and drive will likely burn hotter than ever for his first series against the Rangers. A few months back, Kinsler commented that he hoped the Rangers went 0-162 in an interview with ESPN The Magazine. Those comments, he's said, were joke driven and taken out of context, but did offer a rare window into the excitement and raw passion which will likely be on display all weekend.

Fielder, meanwhile, continues to fail media-speak 101, often crossing the line between proper delivery of both what should and probably shouldn't be said. Of course his not giving a "bleep" about the Detroit series didn't mean he had contempt for the Tigers, but to the average person, it sure sounds like that's what he meant, much like his blase comments after the ALCS gave the impression he didn't care about losing in the playoffs.

No matter his different personality or possible camera shyness, flippant, off-key and off-color remarks are no way to win fans or influence scribes.

Regardless of the talk, here's the current brass tax: Kinsler's .317 average is currently good for fifth in the American League, and his 31 runs scored ranks in the top five in that league category, as well. He has changed the game for Detroit's offense with agility on the bases, and the Tigers are a better offensive team with him in the lineup.

They're also better with a personality like Kinsler's around the clubhouse, and better off without Fielder and the incessant verbal drama which now seems to constantly follow him around by his own creation.

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