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Jim Leyland on Major League Baseball Replay: Give Peace a Chance

May 12th, 2014 at 9:41 AM
By Max DeMara

Saturday afternoon, Jim Leyland made a shocking revelation. The man who had been ejected 72 times in his major league career had recently been in New York checking out baseball's new replay system.

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More interesting yet, Leyland admitted to favoring replay in baseball. He said this while wearing a blazer over a stylish untucked shirt, jeans and a pair of fancy blue sneakers.

Apparently, Leyland has now ditched the cleats for high tops. Retirement is suiting him just fine. But where has his loveable old school gene gone in just one year? The Leyland Detroit remembers would probably have had some interesting quips about all the bugs in the replay system.

"(Replay) has been a little bit awkward, but its best for the game," Leyland said talking to reporters prior to getting honored on the field. Detroit's old skipper spoke about visiting New York to visit the war room to watch how things play out. He commented that he expected the necessary tweaks to be made in time, and things to get even better with the process.

Most important, Leyland said, was the general support replay has gotten from the media early in its inception. Leyland believes that since the media hasn't been overbearing attacking the changes or the warts in an infantile process, it's allowed the fans to better appreciate replay and understand it.

A bit more shocking than Leyland embracing replay himself was how on-point he was regarding the entire process. As he said, the best part is the right team is getting the call they deserve. The delays haven't been exceedingly long, and video has helped assist umpires make right decisions, overturning incorrect ones.

Baseball deserves credit for changing with the times and making the needed improvements to their game. The reason football has remained popular is accountability. Replay allows fans to feel as if they've gotten their just desserts when mistakes are made. Forever, accountability was lacking with umpires, but not anymore.

Thankfully, Leyland and some of baseball's other old-school thinkers are helping lead the charge with positivity and open mindedness themselves. That can only help ease any concerns the fans have possessed early on.

It's not what anyone might have expected from the normally gruff Leyland, but his olive branch regarding replay is an important step for the entire process.

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