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Detroit Tigers Power Ranking Update: Top Five Placement a Common Theme for This Week

May 6th, 2014 at 4:37 PM
By Max DeMara

The Detroit Tigers have started the 2014 season on a bit of a roll, winners of six in a row. As a result, they've catapulted to the top of the national power rankings, and are making a run at first place in several national polls.

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Also included are a few other hot teams, including the Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants and Milwaukee Brewers, all of whom have been winning with regularity lately. Detroit has charged up the standings in the Central Division, and is now beginning to do the same in the rankings.

Sports Illustrated: 2nd. Last Week: 6th. The Tigers move up in Sports Illustrated's poll, receiving 173 points, one behind first place Oakland with 174. The lowest vote the Tigers collected was for third place.

ESPN: 4th. Last Week: 6th. Detroit also finds a way to climb in ESPN's standings, and as Gary Papke writes, the impressive road trip which featured hitting and fantastic pitching could get to look even better as the Tigers are currently playing the Astros and Twins. 3rd. In a shared fan and experts poll, the Tigers grade out third, just behind Oakland and San Francisco, which is a common occurrence within the top half of the rankings, being both west coast teams are red hot.

USA Today: 1st. Last Week: 5th. Detroit takes the top spot in the USA Today poll, just barely wrestling it away from the Athletics.

Fox Sports: 3rd. Last Week: 8th. The Tigers rise up the Fox rankings as well, and Shawn Ramsey writes they could have some serious momentum going in the week ahead with Houston and Minnesota's visit. It certainly started that way on Monday night with a significant 2-0 win.

CBS Sports: 5th. Last Week: 6th. Matt Snyder only moves the Tigers up one place this week in his rankings, but does offer some excellent insight. Joe Nathan, as he says, is fine, having closed four straight games and only allowed one run in his last seven outings. Dead arm what?

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