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Detroit Tigers’ Tales: Interest in Joel Hanrahan Grows, While Zubaz Pants Take Off

May 1st, 2014 at 4:59 PM
By Max DeMara

Welcome to Tiger Tales, a bi-weekly look at the top five news stories from around the web about the Motor City Kitties.

Though rain and off-days have made it nearly impossible for the Detroit Tigers to get into a groove early in the season, the team is 2-0 on its current road trip, and has successfully navigated plenty of choppy water to a solid 14-9 start.

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The team is galvanized behind weird pants, is adding a new call-up and seeing solid results from a major offseason addition. Despite this, there's been problems, including the bullpen. Detroit might have an outside plan to remedy that, however. All that news and more in today's return to Tigers Tales.

1. Rookie Robbie Ray Gets His Chance. For all those wondering what Detroit might do without Anibal Sanchez, consider the question answered. Robbie Ray, the once-centerpiece of the Doug Fister trade, will be called up and start on May 6 against the Houston Astros. It's a big development for Ray, who's been the most accurate minor league pitcher Detroit's employed this season.

2. Tigers Bonding Over Zubaz. Baseball teams are often the quirkiest around, and considering the daily grind of the schedule, something is needed to break up the monotony. Credit Joba Chamberlain for doing that, as he has helped the team bond over striped orange and blue Zubaz pants. Torii Hunter owns a pair, and many on the team do as well. Fans can get in on the fun on May 9, when representatives from Zubaz will be at Comerica Park.

3. Max Scherzer Mad At Sports Illustrated. Though it's typically a great honor for an athlete to make it onto the cover of Sports Illustrated, Tigers' ace Max Scherzer felt a bit jilted by his profile in the magazine, which went into details about his contractual situation prior to the year. Scherzer thought he was promised the magazine wouldn't touch on that, but it happened anyway to his disappointment.

4. Detroit Interested In Joel Hanrahan? With the bullpen's struggles being a major point of contention early in the year, Joel Hanrahan, formally of the Boston Red Sox, is drawing Detroit's interest. Hanrahan is a free agent, and Jon Heyman of named the Tigers as a team with interest on Wednsday. Stay tuned.

5. Joba Rules In Detroit. As good as he is at providing Zubas styles, Joba Chamberlain has quietly been better at finding a home in Detroit's bullpen. With plenty of things going wrong for relievers this year, Chamberlain has been one of the things that's gone right. Jason Beck of profiled Detroit's bullpen addition, who seems to feel at home with the Tigers.

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