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Red Wings Grades: Ken Holland is the Architect of the F

May 19th, 2017 at 8:40 AM
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Wrapping up our series of grade posts, we finally arrive at the head honcho. Ken Holland has been the general manager of the Detroit Red Wings through a lot of changes. This year, he finally experienced being the general manager of a Detroit Red Wings team that missed the playoffs.

Let’s not waste time building to this: Ken Holland is getting an F.

Grading the GM

Just like Blashill got, Ken Holland is going to bear the responsibility of everybody beneath him Including, in this case, Blashill). A failure anywhere in the line, to include players, coaches, or any staff is a reflection on his choice in having that person in that position. Not everything that goes wrong is Holland’s fault, but it is his job to both minimize and manage those problems by putting people in a position to take care of things.

In a way, we’re extremely lucky as Wings fans to be in a position to so thoroughly lay blame at the feet of one man. For many, it’s really hard to say that a GM can be faulted on some level for just about everything, since GMs will fairly often find themselves within a transition period where it can take many years to work around a predecessor’s mistakes. In times like this, grading a GM for one year’s results becomes nearly impossible.

Ken Holland has no such excuse, and this grade is a culmination of a team he’s been in charge of since 1997. This F grade isn’t his entire legacy, but for the 2016-17 season, it’s where he’s led his team.

The Best Excuse

One of GM’s jobs running a hockey team is also one of the easiest-to-overlook among hardcore fans, the likes of which are still reading opinion pieces about the team more than a month after their season ended: the general manager is responsible for selling hockey in his city. We, the dedicated and the bloggers are essentially already sold. We are a mix of those who are hardest to lie to, but easiest to count on.

Call us suckers if you will; if you’re reading this in mid-May, there’s a really good chance you’ve been around for a number of the comments lamenting a loss of interest in the team as this most-painful season ground to a sad close. You’ve probably also seen the buds of a fandom surviving sprouting along the lines of “I’m just here because Mantha and AA are fun to watch.” There’s a reason the term die-hard is used.

We complain because we care, and our money is worth exactly as …

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