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Looking Back at Our Detroit Red Wings Predictions

May 5th, 2014 at 9:39 PM
By Frank Vajcner

With the Red Wings season now behind us, let's take a look back at our preseason predictions that we made. You can take a look at them right here.

Without further ado…

Prediction: The Red Wings will finish with 100 points, which will be good for second in the Atlantic Division, and fourth in the Eastern Conference.

What really happened: Finished with 93 points, fourth in Atlantic, and eighth in the East

Hindsight: Injuries really hurt us in this prediction, but the Wings still made the playoffs for a 23rd consecutive season. Losing to the Boston Bruins, who finished with the best overall record is nothing to be ashamed about.

Prediction: Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg will both surpass the 30-goal mark. 

What really happened: Neither got close

Hindsight: Again, both players missed a LOT of time due to injuries. Had they not missed time, it would probably be a different story.

Prediction: At least five more Red Wings will top 20 goals….Candidates to top 20 goals include Daniel Alfredsson, Justin Abdelkader, Johan Franzen, Stephen Weiss, and Gustav Nyquist.

What really happened: Only one player did, and that was Gustav Nyquist with 28 goals.

Hindsight: This one wasn't a total swing and a miss, as Nyquist topped the 20-goal mark. Alfredsson came close with 18, and so did Tomas Tatar with 19, which we didn't foresee. Abdelkader had a dropoff after a breakout year, Weiss missed a lot of time with injuries, and Franzen was…well, Franzen with his usual inconsistency.

Prediction: Weiss will reach a career number in terms of points.

What really happened: 4 points (2 goals, 2 assists)

Hindsight: Swing and a miss, although injuries played a part again. Weiss struggled in his first year in Detroit with only four points. Let's hope that he can bounce back from a disasterous season.

Prediction: Niklas Kronwall will get some serious consideration for Norris Trophy.

What really happened: Kronwall was mentioned here and there, but was not a finalist.

Hindsight: Kronner got some mentions at times, but still has yet to be named a finalist in his career.The last Red Wing not named Nicklas Lidstrom to win the award was Paul Coffey in 1995. He could be a candidate next season though.

Prediction: Danny DeKeyser will be paired with Kronwall by season's end.

What really happened: He was paired with Kronwall for a few games, but the two remained seperated

Hindsight: Hey, we were half right on one. DeKeyser played with Kronwall for a few games early in the season while Jonathan Ericsson was out on paternity leave. It didn't really work out, as DeKeyser was paired with Kyle Quincey near the end of the season, whil Kronwall was paired with Brendan Smith. DeKeyser is a restricted free agent in the offseason, and could be due a hefty raise.

Prediction: Jimmy Howard will be a finalist for Vezina Trophy.

What really happened: He didn't come close.

Hindsight: Swing and a miss, as Howard really regressed after leading the league in shutouts last season. Rumor has it that he could be on the hot seat as he has not gotten the Wings past the second round in five seasons starting between the pipes.

Prediction: At least one Red Wing will wind up in Brendan Shanahan's doghouse.

What Really Happened: David Legwand was fined $5,000 for but-ending Evgeni Malkin in March:

Hindsight: We were right on this one. Outside of Teemu Pulkkinen getting Shanabanned in the preseason, nobody else was suspended. Legwand did receive a fine for his actions, but that was it. It's pretty good when your players aren't getting in trouble with the Department of Player Safety.

Prediction: The Toronto Maple Leafs will become the biggest rival to the Wings. 

What really happened: Tough to say, but there were some great games between both teams.

Hindsight: Has the rivalry with the Leafs been rekindled? It's hard to say, but with three games being decided by one goal, this rivalry is on track to being one of the best in the NHL. Of course, with former Red Wing Brendan Shanahan in the Leafs front office now, has that added fuel to the fire? Stay tuned…

As you can see, we did not do so well on our predictions. But, there's always next year..

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