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More Interest, Still No Offers for Greg Monroe

July 22nd, 2014 at 2:35 PM
By Sean Walters

On July 1st if you would have said Greg Monroe won’t have signed a contract, much less even an offer sheet by July 22nd most would have laughed. But here we are three weeks in to the free agency period and Monroe’s market summed up in a word would be; deliberate.
Greg Monroe Player Introductions from Flickr via Wylio? 2012 chiuchiu11, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

The newest rumor circulating is that the Phoenix Suns may be interested in signing Monroe to an offer sheet. For now it still seems pretty unlikely seeing as the Suns still have their own restricted free agent in Eric Bledsoe they are looking to re-sign. As of today the Suns president Lon Babby has said that he “Expects” Bledsoe to re-sign with the Suns. If they do re-sign Bledsoe that would certainly be a big dent to the idea of signing Monroe. The Suns have the cap space for both players, but would give up long-term cap flexibility if they were to commit to both guys long-term. The Suns have already done some wheeling and dealing in free agency prying Isaiah Thomas away from the Kings (A talent the Pistons were interested in) and may not want to commit all their cap room in one off-season.

The problem with Monroe is that he is a very solid player, but he simply doesn’t warrant a max-deal or the close-to-max deal that he and his representatives are seeking. He just doesn’t quite have the superstar skill set to demand such a long-term hefty contract. The types of contracts that weigh NBA teams down for way too long, and become untradeable a few years in.

The offers don’t seem to be there right now, and the further into free agency we get, more teams will be capped out. The end doesn’t seem to be in sight, and it wouldn’t be crazy to think that Monroe may end up playing the season out for his qualifying offer and hitting unrestricted free agency next off-season.

For now, we wait. The Suns have made their interest known, and another team may be lying in the weeds, waiting to strike. Only one thing is for certain, the Pistons won’t let Monroe walk easily.

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