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Detroit Pistons 2014 NBA Draft Day Coverage

June 26th, 2014 at 9:25 AM
By Sean Walters

The Detroit Pistons may not have a first round pick, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find help for the franchise in round two. Kyle Singler was just recently selected in round two, and has proven to be a solid rotation player for the Pistons. Also, this draft class is loaded from top to bottom, and no doubt there will be talented players available when the Pistons do come on the clock. Here are some scenarios on how the night could play out.
Detroit Pistons from Flickr via Wylio? 2009 Michael Tipton, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio
The first option would be to trade up, maybe to only the end of round one, or beginning of round two. Stan Van Gundy has previously stated he doesn’t expect the Pistons to trade up, but you just never know with these drafts, crazy things happen. Offers appear out of nowhere and sometimes you have to make a spontaneous decision. If the Pistons see someone slipping that may not make it to their pick it would not be surprising to see them jump up a few spots to go get their guy. If the player you covet goes 34th overall and you have the 38th pick that is bad drafting. So while it may be unlikely, you definitely shouldn’t be counting out a small jump up the draft board from the Pistons.

Next, the Pistons could stay put at number 38. If they do this there is going to be a lot of wishing and hoping that their guy doesn’t get snatched up right before the pick. When the Pistons are officially on the clock it looks they will either try to improve play on the wing or add some depth to the frontcourt.

The ultimate prize at 38 would be Jordan Adams slipping to the Pistons. He’s a big shooting guard that can score with ease that is expected to go in the first round, but some newer mocks have slipping into the early second. As far as wings go the Pistons could also be looking at Spencer Dinwiddie from Colorado and Joe Harris from Virginia. Both are 6-foot-6-inch shooting guards that are great outside shooters and play a team brand of basketball. They are both great passers of the basketball and would have a chance to help the offense in year one. Dinwiddie is a more explosive athlete, but is coming off an ACL tear in January, he will certainly be the risk/reward option with Harris being the safer bet.

As far as the bigs go the Pistons have already brought Arizona State’s Jordan Bachynski, and Stanford’s Dwight Powell in for workouts. Depending on if they liked what they saw either of those two guys could be the pick. Powell is the much better athlete of the two but Bachynski’s 7-foot-2-inch size make him an ideal rim protector and rebounder when Andre Drummond is on the bench. A wild card could also be Deandre Daniels from Connecticut. Daniels is slated to go right around 38, and he just may be the pick. Daniels has great size for a small forward at 6-foot-8-inches, but also has an all-around game on the offensive end. He can shoot all the way to the perimeter, and has a nice handle. He will need to bulk up to help on defense, but has the tools to be a solid NBA player. The pick makes sense because Josh Smith may be traded, which would open up a spot at small forward. Also if Greg Monroe signs elsewhere in restricted free agency, Smith may slot back into his normal power forward spot where he had been so effective in the past. In either case Daniels wouldn’t be expected to start at small forward, but it would be his job to win in the future.

Lastly, the Pistons could choose to trade back, and pick up assets. Maybe the Pistons do get their man snatched from underneath them right before their pick, well in that case they might choose to move down, and maybe pick up and extra pick this year, or next. If there is one thing we know about tonight it’s that drafts are crazy, and trading back would be just about as surprising as trading up. Either of which could easily happen.
Whatever the Pistons do tonight, it’s an exciting night. The new front office gets to start building for the future the way they see it. After a year like the last one a new direction was needed, and that new direction starts tonight. The NBA draft is set to begin at 7:30 P.M.

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