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Detroit Pistons, Sacramento Kings Talking Josh Smith Deal

June 24th, 2014 at 5:40 PM
By Sean Walters

Music to any Detroit Pistons fan’s ears, the Pistons are indeed trying to move Josh Smith. Marc Stein of ESPN reported earlier today that the Pistons are talking trade with the Kings and the centerpiece of the deal would be Josh Smith. Rumor has it that Jason Thompson and Derrick Williams may be heading to Detroit in the deal.

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Stein wrote that nothing was imminent but it is certainly good news to hear that the Pistons are making an effort to trade the former All-Star. The Pistons motivation in the deal is clear, the big man trio simply didn’t work out last year in Detroit, and in a dream world Smith would be the one to be moved. This would open up space on the court and in the salary cap for the Pistons to match any offers that Greg Monroe would receive in his upcoming restricted free agency.

Monroe’s situation certainly puts an interesting spin on a Smith trade. It is basically a matter of which of the two gets out of town first. The Pistons would love to deal Smith and match a deal for Monroe, but that may not be possible. If Monroe inks a major deal in free agency the Pistons may be resigned to let him walk, and be stuck with Josh Smith. He would then slot back over to his natural power forward position, but in all likelihood the Pistons would much rather just have his salary off the books and Monroe back at his own power forward spot. Monroe is younger, and has more of a team game that could help him fit on the Pistons for a long time.

From the Kings perspective it’s easy to see why they might have some interest. They would be getting a former All-Star for nothing more than frontcourt depth guys. The special talent in the trade is obviously Smith, and the Kings would be hoping they could bring Smith back to his Atlanta Hawks days when he was a dominant force in the lane. Also, a combination of DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins, and Smith doesn’t sound like a bad start for a team that has been going through a rebuilding process. It may be a big salary to take on, but If Smith can figure it out in Sacramento he could be worth it, especially when you consider what the Kings would be giving up in the deal.

It probably won’t happen, but who knows? It’s definitely positive to hear the Pistons are actively working to move Smith. We should see all of these situations work themselves out pretty quickly as the NBA Draft is Thursday and free agency opens on July 1st. Surely the phone lines will be burning up between now and then.

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