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NBA Draft Lottery Crucial for Detroit Pistons

May 20th, 2014 at 12:30 PM
By Sean Walters

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The NBA Draft Lottery has the ability to change franchises forever, and it all comes down to having a little luck. The Detroit Pistons will be hoping luck is on their side tonight as they have a chance at one of the top three picks, but may just be hoping to hold on to their number eight overall selection.

This particular lottery has been talked about for the entire past year. The elite players have even inspired catch phrases for tanking teams that may want to acquire them like “Sorry for Jabari” or “Winless for Wiggins.” This deep draft class has had scouts drooling for some time, and tonight we find out the order in which the teams in the lottery will make their selections when it comes time for the actual NBA Draft.

The Lottery will be aired tonight at 8 PM Eastern, and Kyle Singler will be there to represent the Pistons. Detroit has a 2.8% chance of completely lucking out and getting the first overall draft pick. While that is unlikely, crazy things do happen in the lottery. A more realistic hope would be for the Pistons to secure the eighth overall pick they are in line to get. Detroit holds a 72.47% chance of getting the eighth overall pick, and that is probably a scenario they would accept considering the alternative.

While the odds are slim, there is a very real chance the Pistons could lose their first round selection. If a team behind the Pistons in the lottery is able to jump into the top 3 picks it would push the Pistons down to the ninth overall selection. Detroit owes its first round pick this year to the Charlotte Bobcats from a prior trade, but it is top eight protected. So if the Pistons were pushed down to the ninth spot they would have to surrender the pick to the Bobcats. Which is the last thing new
head coach and president of basketball operations Stan Van Gundy would want to do.

So tune in tonight to see if the Pistons can strike lightning in the form of a top three overall pick, or are at least fortunate enough to hold on to number eight. Draft Lottery night, may the odds be ever in your favor Pistons fans.

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