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Detroit Pistons Offer Stan Van Gundy Full Control

May 13th, 2014 at 2:35 PM
By Sean Walters

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The Detroit Pistons had not showed their hand up until today, but now we know the cards they are holding. Reports say that the Pistons have offered full control to Stan Van Gundy. Van Gundy would be head coach as well as president of basketball operations if he were to accept the offer.

Van Gundy is reportedly mulling his options as another deal is on the table. The Golden State Warriors have offered their head coaching job to Stan Van Gundy, but that is all. Van Gundy was hoping to get a “Full control” deal from the Warriors, but at this time no such deal has been offered.

So Van Gundy has his choice laid out in front of him. Take full control of a struggling Pistons team that is in a hole that needs dug out, or become head coach of a Warriors team coming off a playoff appearance that is ripe with talent. And that guy Steph Curry wouldn’t be horrible to coach.

Reports also say that Pistons owner Tom Gores is pushing to get the deal done, and his willingness to offer full control of the franchise to Van Gundy is clearly evidence of that. Van Gundy is said to be leaning the Pistons way, although a deal is not imminent.

In either case, let’s review Van Gundy’s credentials. He has been out of the association for two years, but has eight years of head coaching experience in the league, and has compiled a .641 winning percentage. His peak was taking a Dwight Howard led Orlando Magic team to the NBA Finals in 2009 where they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers. He was fired by the Magic after losing in the first round of the playoffs the next two years, and has been waiting for the right opportunity since. It looks like Van Gundy thinks full control of the Pistons might just be that opportunity.

If Van Gundy were to choose the Warriors job he would obviously taking the better, or more successful team. But it isn’t quite that simple. The Warriors have shown their willingness to get rid of coaches in a hurry, and that may not appeal to Van Gundy. Side note, the Pistons have obviously gotten rid of coaches quickly as well, but if Van Gundy was given full control you would have to think he would be given time to work his “Magic” on the Pistons.

If Van Gundy takes the job in Detroit, it’s because he believes that with full control he will be able to turn the team around. He will be responsible for everything, so if the team fails he will have no one to blame but himself. Also, taking over the Detroit Pistons puts you in the Eastern Conference. A conference where .500 has a chance to make the playoffs. A less competitive conference than where the Warriors play, in the West. So Van Gundy will also decide, do I want to struggle to fight into the playoffs every year, or do I want to coach in the East, where after the Heat, every team has question marks.

It looks like Stan Van Gundy and the Pistons are working toward a deal, but with the Warriors hot on the trail, it will be entirely up to Van Gundy to decide the fate of two different franchises.

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