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Mark Jackson a Leading Candidate for Detroit Pistons Coaching Vacancy

May 7th, 2014 at 4:59 PM
By Sean Walters

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Yesterday Mark Jackson was fired by the Golden State Warriors after three seasons with the team. Today the Detroit Pistons should be on the phone with Jackson to gauge his interest in their head coaching job.

The Pistons will probably still go the route of hiring their new general manager before their new coach, but Jackson should be a candidate for the job no matter who takes over in the Pistons front office.

Jackson did a fine job with the Warriors, turning them into a perennial contender, and playoff team in a tough Western Conference. Before Jackson took over the job the Warriors had reached the postseason one time in the past 17 seasons. After Jackson took over he guided the team to three postseason appearances in three years.

Jackson’s best work with the Warriors was done on the defensive side of the floor. He constantly preached defensive principles to his teams, and made them understand the importance of defense in today’s NBA. Jackson knows that while offense makes the highlight reels, games are won with tough defense and rebounding.

Jackson also transformed the Warriors bench full of random second round draft picks into solid role players. Just this postseason Draymond Green, a former bench player, played a pivotal role for Jackson’s Warriors both offensively, defensively against Clippers star Blake Griffin. Jackson has clearly shown a great ability to develop players.

Jackson was fired this season after a first round loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference Playoffs. Reports say the main reason for the firing was Jackson’s rift with management. Jackson was clearly doing a good job with the team, he just didn’t agree with some of the decisions management was making concerning the team.

Jackson will be a hot name in Detroit, and maybe even in New York if the Knicks miss out on Steve Kerr. The Pistons have shown they won’t rush into any moves, but they will certainly be on the line with Mark Jackson soon.

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