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Why Chauncey Billups Should not Be the Detroit Pistons Next GM

May 4th, 2014 at 10:12 AM
By Sean Walters

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There is no doubt the playing days of Chauncey Billups are winding down, and with that in mind the Detroit hero has turned his focus to a front office position. Reportedly Billups knows he wants to continue a career with the NBA but was contemplating whether he would try his hand at coaching, or in a front office position helping to create a talented roster for a team in the league. After sitting in with team executives on meetings this year in Detroit, Billups thinks he can do the job. Billups appeared in 19 games for the Pistons this year before being lost to a knee injury, which gave him some extra time on his hands.

Billups had a storied career in Detroit. His steady hand, and clutch play took the Pistons to back-to-back Finals appearances in 2004 and 2005, including a 2004 Finals win and Finals MVP award for Billups. Billups went to three All-Star games while a member of the Pistons, and was the heart and soul of the team. His career in Detroit wasn’t all that dissimilar from Joe Dumars, the man who Billups would now like to replace as general manager in Detroit. Billups would have even worn Dumars number four jersey, if it hadn’t already been retired by the Pistons.

Right now is where the Pistons need to draw the line. As great as Joe Dumars was at the beginning of his tenure, he was equally as awful towards the end. Dumars had great success, but also showed that he may have been in over his head at times. Negotiating was certainly not a strength as he handed out monster contracts for average players. For as many hits as Dumars had early on with personnel decisions, there have been many more swings and misses, that is what has brought us here.

The Pistons don’t have any debt to Chauncey Billups. It would be great to see him come back and stick in Detroit, the city he won a title for, but it’s time for the Pistons to be selfish. Billups simply has no experience in the position. He could be a great general manager, or he could drag the organization down farther, we simply don’t know. The risk factor is too great to let Billups take over. The Pistons are already in such a tough position that bringing in an unexperienced Chauncey Billups to run the show could be disastrous.

When choosing a new general manager you definitely want the person to stick, for a very long time. While Dumars tenure lasted a long time, many would say too long, we simply don’t know if Billups would have any staying power, and a revolving door at the GM position is certainly bad for any franchise. The Pistons should be looking at established candidates that can help get them out of the mess that another Detroit legend has gotten them in.

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