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Gary Kubiak Could Potentially Be a Frontrunner for Detroit Lions Job, Perfect Choice to Lead Team

January 8th, 2014 at 11:16 AM
By Max DeMara

Tuesday, secrecy was at an all-time high around Allen Park. The Detroit Lions have been linked with several head coaches and assistant coaches in the media during their latest coaching search, but one name that hadn't surfaced or even been considered was Gary Kubiak, former head coach of the Houston Texans.

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With one quiet meeting, that changed. Kubiak was whisked into and out of town quickly for an interview that few in the national or local media even knew was going to be occurring. After Kubiak was long out of town, Lions' potential future interest in speaking to Kubiak was reported. Quickly after that, the bombshell was dropped that the Lions had in fact just spoken with Kubiak in an actual interview. Talk about a quick turn of events.

Sometimes silence, as the saying goes, can say it all. While many still contend that Ken Whisenhunt is the overwhelming favorite to take over the Lions, Detroit's stealthy actions behind the scenes may now say otherwise. Clearly, nobody wanted anyone else to know that Kubiak was coming into town. During coach interviews, interest or rumored interest is sometimes agent driven, meant to drive a bidding war for a coach. After it's announced that Detroit's favorite target is Whisenhunt, not surprisingly, the Redskins, Titans and Vikings are also clamoring to interview the Chargers' offensive coordinator, creating a virtual bidding war for a man who finished his coaching career an unimpressive 18-30.

When the media doesn't know much of anything, though, it's possible that means there is clear, actual interest in a coach. While everyone is chasing leads of whether or not Jay Gruden will interview with the Lions or where and when a meeting with Whisenhunt will occur, Detroit quietly slips the successful Kubiak in the back door for an interview and manages to get him out of town before much can be written about the event. 

Interestingly enough, Kubiak could be the perfect man for Detroit anyway. He's a quarterback whisperer who's worked with John Elway and Steve Young while helping journeymen quarterbacks like Brian Griese, Jake Plummer and Matt Schaub achieve a reasonable amount of NFL success. He possesses a bright offensive mind and helped the Houston Texans get off the ground as franchise just a decade after their inception into the league. He won two playoff games with the Texans. Put that in perspective. Houston under Kubiak competed in and won more playoff games than the Lions in the last 10 years.

With most of the offensive weaponry already in place, provided Kubiak brought the right defensive coordinator with him (Wade Phillips perhaps?) he'd be ready to hit the ground running with the Lions. The fit is obvious. Kubiak's biggest challenge would be working with Matthew Stafford and restoring some disciplinary order to the roster, of course, but given his resume as a Super Bowl winning coordinator, garnering that respect might not be a major concern.

While everyone wonders about the seriousness of Gruden, Whisenhunt and Jim Caldwell's candidacy, the perfect candidate may have snuck in and out of town after an interview on Tuesday without much fanfare. As the Lions' coaching search gets more unpredictable, keep Kubiak's resume and the circumstances with which he was brought into town in mind.

Max DeMara is the managing editor of Lions 101. You can find him on this site's Twitter @detroitlions101

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