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Pooch’s Picks, Week 15: Everything’s on the Line and the Dogs Like Detroit on Monday Night

December 13th, 2013 at 9:47 AM
By Max DeMara

Time is running short for Pooch's Picks, meaning every week is critical as the push to finish strong is on. Izzy, in need of some late season momentum, has found it with a great streak of excellent picking. She sniffed out an 10-4 week, pressuring Cooper a bit for second place.

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First place is under the current control of the author, who enjoyed a solid 9-5 week to widen a lead over Cooper, who's in second. This week, the dogs are trying to play a big game of catch up as the season winds down. They unanimously like the Saints, Redskins, Browns, Buccaneers and Detroit Lions in week 15.

Washington at Atlanta: Without Robert Griffin III, the Redskins prepare to take on the Falcons on the road in a game where draft position is the biggest battle. Both dogs like Kirk Cousins to lead another win. The Falcons have been playing tougher, and get a nice home win. C: Washington, I: Washington, M: Atlanta

Chicago at Cleveland: The Bears face another must win game on the road this week, going into tough Cleveland and trying to work Jay Cutler back into the mix. Chicago's offense is rolling, and though the Browns defense is good, they put up enough to win. Both dogs disagree, picking Cleveland. C: Cleveland, I: Cleveland, M: Chicago

Houston at Indianapolis: After a tough road loss, the Colts come back home and they will find the elixir in the Texans, crushing them in a big win. Cooper thinks Houston steals the day, while Izzy is on the Andrew Luck bandwagon again. C: Houston, I: Indianapolis, M: Indianapolis

New England at Miami: Cooper thinks the Patriots win after losing Rob Gronkowski, but Izzy is calling for the upset in South Florida. New England has a bit too much offensive firepower, and the Dolphins win a close game. C: New England, I: Miami, M: New England 

Philadelphia at Minnesota: The Eagles won't have to deal with six inches of snow on the field this weekend, unless the Metrodome roof collapses again. That won't happen, and the Eagles' offense keeps rolling. Izzy agrees, while Cooper's taking the Vikings in an upset. C: Minnesota, I: Philadelphia, M: Philadelphia

Seattle at New York Giants: The dogs see a major NFC upset here, as both are picking the Giants to win a big home game against the Seahawks. Seattle is in the midst of a special season, though, and they don't know that. It shows in a big win. C: New York Giants, I: New York Giants, M: Seattle

San Francisco at Tampa Bay: The 49ers quietly scored another big win last weekend by punching out the Seahawks. The dogs pick them to win again against the Buccaneers, who have proven tough lately. Doesn't matter, though, because San Francisco's defense is elite. C: Tampa Bay, I: Tampa Bay, M: San Francisco

Buffalo at Jacksonville: In a match up few people outside Buffalo or Jacksonville will see or truly care about, the Bills travel to Florida to take on the Jaguars. Cooper likes Jacksonville, Izzy likes the Bills and I like Buffalo, as well. That's all there is to say. C: Jacksonville, I: Buffalo, M: Buffalo

Kansas City at Oakland: Kansas City had a big win in Washington, and they go on the road and dominate again with defense, beating the Raiders. Cooper agree, and Izzy picks the upset going with the Raiders to win. C: Kansas City, I: Oakland, M: Kansas City

New York Jets at Carolina: The Jets' up and down season trended back upward with a big victory last weekend, and Izzy picks that to continue against one of the top teams in the NFC. Cooper disagrees and pick the Panthers to win at home. Carolina has too many play makers for the Jets to handle, and they win. C: Carolina, I: New York Jets, M: Carolina

Green Bay at Dallas: Another big game for the Packers, who need a win to stay in the hunt for the NFC North division title. Cooper thinks Green Bay gets the job done on the road, while Izzy is predicting the Cowboys to win. Dallas ha too many weapons for an injured defense and an offense which cannot keep pace. C: Green Bay, I: Dallas, M: Dallas

Arizona at Tennessee: A sneaky good game sees the Cardinals take the road to visit the Titans, needing a win to stay in the playoff hunt. The Cardinals are playing good defense, and they go on the road and dominate. Cooper thinks the Titans win, while Izzy picks Arizona to get a big road victory. C: Tennessee, I: Arizona, M: Arizona

New Orleans at St. Louis: New Orleans is getting their offense going again at the right time of year, and that will continue against the hapless Rams, who won't put up much of a fight at home. Both dogs agree, picking the Saints to win. C: New Orleans, I: New Orleans, M: New Orleans

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh: The Steelers try to stay in the playoff hunt with a big win over the Bengals, who lead the AFC North. Cooper thinks the Bengals get the win and snuff out those hopes, while Izzy is on the Steelers' bandwagon. Cincinnati makes a few clutch plays down the stretch and wins, though it's not easy. C: Cincinnati, I: Pittsburgh, M: Cincinnati

Baltimore at Detroit (Monday Night): A very big game for both teams takes place from Detroit on Monday, as the Lions try to stay ahead in the NFC North and the Ravens try to remain in the AFC playoff discussion. After the weird snow loss, the dogs are on Detroit's bandwagon again, and both think they win at home. Hard to disagree considering the must-win circumstances and the environment. Detroit wins a close one. C: Detroit, I: Detroit, M: Detroit

The Standings:

Max: 117-73

Cooper: 107-81

Izzy: 100-90

Max DeMara is the managing editor of Lions 101. You can find him on this site's Twitter @detroitlions101

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