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Detroit Lions’ Injury Report: Reggie Bush Looking Like Good Bet to Play on Monday Night

December 13th, 2013 at 10:31 AM
By Max DeMara

Detroit Lions' Injury Report catches fans up on the latest news from the infirmary.

In rough, snowy conditions, the Detroit Lions still generally managed to keep their health after leaving Philadelphia. Most of their big contributors are still very healthy, and the few that aren't have managed to sustain injures which aren't too threatening long term for the team.
'Dolphins vs. Raiders' photo (c) 2012, June Rivera - license:
With an extra day of rest, expect the Lions to be relatively healthy again this week. As charmed teams go, Detroit is looking like one in week 15, typically a time of the season when teams have sustained at least two or three major injuries to starters. There's none of that here once again, taking a deeper look at the team's health prior to a big game.
Ziggy Ansah, DE. Shoulder injury. Armchair prognosis: Can play. Impact: Significant
  • Ansah continued his rough rookie year getting dinged up against Philadelphia and missing the second half of the game. He also missed practice on Thursday, and is looking iffy for Monday night as it stands today. Ansah will get an extra day and thanks to that, can probably go, but he will be important to Detroit. They need a pass rush to get in Joe Flacco's face badly.
Reggie Bush, RB. Calf injury. Armchair prognosis: Will play. Impact: Significant
  • During warm ups, Bush hurt himself last Sunday and couldn't play. Was that a reason the Lions' running game hit the skids in the second half against the Eagles? Would Bush, being shifty, have made a difference in the rough conditions? Nobody knows. What can be said, however, is the Lions need him this week against the Ravens to re-establish their offensive balance.
Israel Idonije, DE. Knee injury. Armchair prognosis: Can play. Impact: Mildly significant
  • Idonije didn't practice Thursday night either, and if Ansah can't go, his injury would suddenly loom large, considering he can play defensive end in a pinch. As a gamer, count on Idjonije to try and go even if the knee is sore given a possible need along the defensive line.

Chris Houston (toe), Darius Slay, (knee), Louis Delmas (knee)

  • Likely just typical maintain for Delmas, but Houston and Slay are a different story. Slay had knee surgery, but Jim Schwartz called him "week to week, day to day" instead of long term. Don't expect him to go on Monday night. Houston should, considering he played on Sunday and had a big interception when it didn't seem like a lock he would play before.

Max DeMara is the managing editor of Lions 101. You can find him on this site's Twitter @detroitlions101

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