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Jim Schwartz Monday Press Conference Recap, Week 8: Second Half Will Determine Season

October 28th, 2013 at 2:42 PM
By Max DeMara

Fresh off the Detroit Lions' stunning Sunday win over the Dallas Cowboys, Jim Schwartz was in a spirited mood this Monday, as he talked with the media about the state of his Lions prior to the bye week and updated the status of Ryan Broyles, who suffered another unfortunate injury.

Schwartz got a bit fired up when asked if he felt the comeback could spark change with the mentality of his team, discussed the potential of Detroit moves prior to Tuesday's trade deadline and even spoke about the similarities between his daughter and several Lions' fans who left Sunday's game a bit early. That and more, as the coach brought plenty of treats to his pre-Halloween presser.

Comments On Tuesday's Trade Deadline. Do You Expect A Lions' Move? "I really don't have any comment on stuff like that. Out personnel department is always looking for ways to improve our team and tomorrow won't be any different."

On Ryan Broyles' Injury: "He's going to have surgery tomorrow. He is going to be out for the year with a ruptured Achilles. The last two years now, he's had injury trouble. If anyone can come back from it, he can.

How Frustrating Is This For Broyles And The Team? "He's a smart guy, his ability to be who he thought he would wasn't due to his development but due to health. He just hasn't been 100 percent his first two years here. It's a tough thing to go through for any player."

Is There A Concern Broyles Won't Pan Out Due To Injuries? "There's a concern with every player. Injuries are a part of this game. They make a living with their bodies. They're all just one play away from having their season over. All these players have to deal with stuff like that. We have confidence in Ryan that he'll get back and help our team."

How Has The Trade Deadline Changed? "I don't know. I haven't seen statistics on how its changed. I know moving it back changes the dynamic, with teams thinking they can improve and being in the mix. I really don't know how different it is."

Your Midterm Assessment Of The Lions? "I mean, we're 5-3. I don't think there's anything else you can say but that. I don't put grades on that, whether it's an A, B, C or D. We found ways to win games. There's positives in there, there's negatives in there. We're only halfway through the season. The tale of this season won't be written in first half, but it will be written in second half."

After Letting Some Games Get Away In The Past As Players Have Admitted, Can Sunday's Win Against Dallas Be A Turning Point? "Tell me a game we gave up in the last few years. I'd like to see those (quotes). We scored 24 points in the second quarter of the Cleveland game. We came back in the second half of the Minnesota game. It's not the first time we came back. We've had a bunch of these situations that have come up. I think this game stands on it's own. There is confidence that you can come back in games, but i think this team has always had that. I wouldn't expect yesterday to prove any different."

On The Impact Of Four Turnovers: "Well, I think when you have four turnovers and you still win the game, you had to play well in other areas and we did. We had 600 or so yards of total offense, we limited their play makers in Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, they had five catches between them. We could have made it easier on ourselves if we didn't have (the turnovers), but I'll trade any stat for a one point win any day of the week. There is certainly things we need to do better. Three of our best players were responsible for turnovers. You can't make a recipe of being behind in the turnover margin. I think it was the first time this year we were negative and won the game."

On Jeremy Ross Day At Punt Returner: "I saw a report we had benched Michael Spurlock and that's not the case. That wasn't a performance thing, it was just roster management. We couldn't win the game with fair catching punts, we could win the game with healthy offensive tackles. There was a reason behind that."

Is Michael Spurlock Still Your Returner? "I don't comment on depth chart stuff."

What Do You Attribute The Success Of The Offensive Line? "It's 100 percent coaching. (Laughs). We felt confident when we left camp in our offensive line we had plenty of capable guys there. We stayed healthy at offensive line in the past, where we have had injuries in other places. LaAdrian Waddle is a undrafted free agent, but there's no time for that on the field and he's played well."

Is The Bye Week Coming At A Good Time For Dinged Up Players Like Louis Delmas, Bill Bentley And Company? " I think the bye week comes at a good time for 53 guys. Yeah, there's never a bad time for the bye when it comes to getting players some rest and getting rejuvenated for the next eight games of the year."

How Is Nate Burleson Doing? "He's not day to day. Between short term and long term, he might be medium term. He's improving. A lot will tell after the bye week. we'll see where he gets. The next ten days will determine what we do there." 

On Nate Burleson's Timetable For Return. Is It Soon? "Potentially. It's too soon to know when Nate will be ready to return. We're not going to rush him back because Ryan Broyles is out. Every injury is on it's own and we want to try and get those guys time to recover so when they are back on the field, they're healthy."

Have You Spoken To Mikel Leshoure About The Trade Rumors This Time Of Year? What's His Role Moving Forward? "You guys do that for me. (Laughs). If he's called upon, he will play and we have confidence in him. Reggie (Bush) is doing well in his role, Joique (Bell) is doing well in his role. You can only have 46 on game day. I'd like to have 53, but rules are rules."

Reaction To Calvin Johnson's Big Game: "When you look at the film, it sort of creeps up on you. I think you look at it, I think he'd say the same thing, he was close to having more (yards). He's a big play machine. When he's covered, he's still open."

On Joseph Fauria's Reduced Role Sunday: "Every week is gong to be different. Everyone's role is going to change from week to week. He can contribute other ways than in the red zone.  We used a lot of three wide receiver sets with only one tight end. That's no reflection on him. He wasn't benched or de-emphasized. We had 623 yards of offense and won the game. That's the only thing I care about. It is what it is. I'll leave the other concerns to fantasy football owners."

Was Yesterday's Game A Lesson In Staying To The End For Fans? "Everyone's got things to do. I have a daughter playing soccer who had to leave early, but she had a commitment to her team, too. We have great fans, and I think they were there for us at the end of the game. I shouldn't admit this, but I was so selfish in our win, I forgot to ask if (my daughter's team) won. (Laughs). I think she's more concerned in what her Halloween costume is right now than with the Lions having a second half comeback or Calvin Johnson breaking records."

Max DeMara is the managing editor of Lions 101. You can find him on this site's Twitter @detroitlions101

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