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Pooch’s Picks, Week 4: Dogs Take Detroit Lions to Tie for First Place Against Chicago Bears

September 27th, 2013 at 11:25 AM
By Max DeMara

It's week four in the NFL, and the dogs are overachieving. Two solid 10-5 weeks from both Izzy and Cooper has left their master (7-8) reeling and in second place. Perhaps they're the real masters with picking.

'Detroit Lions Rookie Minicamp' photo (c) 2012, davelawrence8 - license:

This week, both dogs put their faith back in the Detroit Lions coming home to beat the Chicago Bears and tie for first place. Otherwise, the dogs like Jacksonville(?!) to beat Indianapolis, and at least one picks the Philadelphia Eagles to beat the Denver Broncos. Pooch's Picks rolls on with a full slate of picks.

Baltimore at Buffalo. The Ravens go on the road to take on the Bills. Cooper picks the home town team, while Izzy thinks Baltimore scores a big road win. The Ravens do, and look impressive in the process. C: Buffalo, I: Baltimore, M: Baltimore

Cincinnati at Cleveland. In the battle of Ohio, both dogs like Cleveland and stick with the Dawg Pound. The Bengals, though, are the better team and prove it on the road. C: Cleveland, I: Cleveland, M: Cincinnati

Chicago at Detroit. The big one here, as the Lions and Bears tangle for first place in the NFC North. Both dogs stick together again and go with Detroit, and this time, they find no disagreement from the human. The Lions score a statement win at home against a good team. C: Detroit, I: Detroit, M: Detroit

New York Giants at Kansas City. The Giants are in disarray and now must head on the road to impressive Kansas City. Cooper likes the Giants to finally grab a win, while Izzy picks the Chiefs to keep the momentum rolling. Kansas City does, sending New York into a panic. C: Giants, I: Kansas City, M: Kansas City

Pittsburgh at Minnesota. Like the Giants, the Steelers and Vikings are also reeling. Someone has to win, and the Vikings finally get the job done this week, making up for last weekend's shocking loss to the Browns. Cooper disagrees and goes with Pittsburgh, while Izzy agrees on the Vikings. C: Pittsburgh, I: Minnesota, M: Minnesota

Arizona at Tampa Bay. Cooper takes the Cardinals to extend Tampa Bay's losing streak, while Izzy thinks the Buccaneers get the job done at home. Arizona's too tough, despite Tampa Bay's fight. C: Arizona, I: Tampa Bay, M: Arizona

Indianapolis at Jacksonville. Upset special here, as both dogs take the Jaguars, yes, the team which could go winless, to beat the Colts. That's not happening. Sorry guys. C: Jacksonville, I: Jacksonville, M: Indianapolis

Seattle at Houston. A tough game to pick here, as the Seahawks go into Houston to take on the Texans. Clean sweep here, as everyone picks Houston to get the job done. It will certainly be close, though. C: Houston, I: Houston, M: Houston

New York Jets at Tennessee. The Jets have been decent this season, and they go on the road to take on surprising Titans. Both dogs like the Titans, but something pushes the Jets over the top, whether it be good defense or Geno Smith. C: Tennessee, I: Tennessee, M: New York Jets

Philadelphia at Denver. Few people will pick the Eagles to win on the road against Peyton Manning, but Izzy does. Cooper sticks with the Broncos, and that's the right choice here. They light up the scoreboard again. C: Denver, I: Philadelphia, M: Denver

Washington at Oakland. In a battle of two bad teams, someone has to get healthy. Without Terrelle Pryor, it's not the Raiders. The Redskins go out west and stop the losing. Both dogs disagree, thinking the Raiders can get the job done. C: Oakland, I: Oakland, M: Washington

Dallas at San Diego. The Cowboys are looking good early in the season, and get a chance to prove that against the Chargers. The dogs unanimously think they do, but they will both be proven wrong by Phillip Rivers and the Chargers, who win when it's least expected. C: Dallas, I: Dallas, M: San Diego

New England at Atlanta. Despite a frustrating offense, the Patriots are 3-0. Cooper likes that trend to continue, while Izzy picks the Falcons at home. Atlanta gets the job done with a solid defensive effort, and the dome is rocking on Sunday night. C: New England, I: Atlanta, M: Atlanta

Miami at New Orleans (Monday night): Surprising Miami visits the equally as surprising Saints. It's not easy to win in the Superdome, and the Dolphins find that out. Izzy disagrees, picking them to stay perfect. Cooper takes the Saints. C: New Orleans, I: Miami, M: New Orleans


Cooper: 29-16

Max: 27-18

Izzy: 26-19

Max DeMara is the managing editor of Lions 101. You can find him on this site's Twitter @detroitlions101

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