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How the Detroit Lions Rate: Rounding up Week One’s NFL Power Rankings

September 11th, 2013 at 9:41 AM
By Max DeMara

A new season has begun, meaning the Detroit Lions will once again be pitted against their NFL competition in the minds of the media. After starting hot and bottoming out last year, there was no overrating Detroit this time around, as the Lions have to climb out of the power ranking cellar to start the season.

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The climbing has started, though, as pundits are taking notice of Detroit's high flying offense and solid effort against the Minnesota Vikings at Ford Field. This has earned some early praise, as the Lions make a small power rankings move after week one while raising the eyebrows of the national media.

ESPN: 18. Started: 21st. Detroit moves up three for their win against the Vikings in this poll. The Lions, as ESPN notes, gained 240 yards after the catch Sunday, which is the highest amount of Matthew Stafford's career. Most of that can be attributed to Reggie Bush, but that statistic shows why the Lions might not be offensive pushovers this time around.

CBS Sports: 20. Started: 28th. Pete Prisco wasn't exactly a believer in the Lions this offseason, but is obviously impressed after week one's performance, moving the team up eight full spots from his initial power rankings. Prisco admits the Lions' offense will be dynamic, while noting Bush adds a nice dimension (if he's healthy). That's a big if.

Fox Sports: 14. Started: 18th. Much like last year, Brian Billick brings the thoughtful, solid analysis you'd expect from a former coach. After commentating Detroit's game, he said he wants to believe in Detroit, but also wants to see the effort in back to back weeks. Billick also needs to see Bush healthy in order to completely buy in. A very wise approach.

Pro Football Talk: 11th. Mike Florio is buying in nearly vaulting Detroit into his top ten in the first week, noting that Bush says Detroit is just scratching the surface. Florio pokes fun at that, saying Lions' fans have had an itch they can't scratch for a long time. 17. Started: 21st. Elliot Harrison moves Detroit up four spots in his rankings, lauding the Lions for signing Bush and celebrating his impact. Harrison also bring up an important point about the Lions' secondary receivers. Nate Burleson went for 78 yards, which Harrison says was big considering Calvin Johnson rarely received support last year. He's right.

The Roundup:

Highest Rank: 11th.

Lowest Rank: 20th.

Their Overall Consensus? Reggie Bush was probably a good signing for the Lions, especially after he put together a spectacular effort against the Vikings. Detroit's offense could get even better, especially if Bush manages to stay healthy and the team can find consistency.

Max DeMara is the managing editor of Lions 101. You can find him on this site's Twitter @detroitlions101

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