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Charles Woodson Could Put Detroit Lions’ Defense Over the Top

May 19th, 2013 at 8:55 AM
By Max DeMara

'Nick Barnett (56) and Charles Woodson (21)' photo (c) 2009, Mike Morbeck - license:

Over the weekend in Michigan, Charles Woodson was doing plenty of talking at a charity event. Amongst other topics, he commented on his surprise over not signing yet and even addressed the hometown Detroit Lions, a team which should now seek out his services for defensive leadership.

Naturally, given that Woodson was around his old college stomping grounds and is still a free agent, people will begin to put two and two together. The Detroit Lions just so happen to have a perpetual need for depth and play making in their secondary. Knowing all of this, is Woodson and Detroit a match made in heaven?

The answer is yes, especially if you're lifetime Lion Jeff Backus, who recently retired. Backus did his part to help make Woodson's mind up and also influence his old team. Heaping glowing praise on the veteran, Backus said Detroit coaches were always worried about Woodson's presence on the field and reassuring everyone he is still in good shape and very hungry to win.

Backus and Woodson are both former Wolverines, but the former offensive tackle is certainly right on at least account. Defensive leadership, always Woodson's best asset, would serve these Lions incredibly well. For years, Woodson has helped will the Green Bay Packers to wins, becoming a Super Bowl champion along the way. He knows the discipline, personal sacrifice and smarts needed to reach the mountaintop. Currently, nobody on Detroit's defense has tasted as much playoff success as Woodson during his elongated career.

For all the savvy additions this offseason, the Lions have yet to add one single defensive veteran with championship experience who could act as a stabilizing force. This is precisely where Woodson can help the most. Over the past few seasons, immaturity and focus issues have seeped in at inopportune times on defense, leading to senseless lapses and losses. Perhaps all Detroit needs is a calming presence like Woodson to take the next step towards becoming great.

As football fans learn every season, there is no such thing as too much depth in the secondary. Regardless of if the Lions have added other pieces at safety and corner, Woodson could still play a very valuable role for a defense in need of a back end play maker and veteran voice. Eight career interceptions against Detroit speaks volumes about ability and drive.

Woodson, for his part, already considers the Lions a very viable option, especially after seeing the team up close recently. He says he's open to playing in Detroit, as long as the money makes sense. Most interestingly, Woodson admitted that these Lions haven't been able to put it all together, leading to the belief that he'd know how to help. One of the biggest reasons why the team has failed? A lack of someone just like him on defense.

Respect, play making ability and leadership. Woodson would bring this whole package to a back end lacking a true winning identity. He could provide Martin Mayhew and Jim Schwartz with the perfect final defensive touch in an offseason of change.

Max DeMara is the managing editor of Lions 101. You can find him on his personal Twitter account @SportsGuyTheMax or on this site's Twitter @detroitlions101

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