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Denver Broncos Among the Odds on Favorites to Win Super Bowl XLVIII

May 26th, 2013 at 6:43 AM
By Sports Media 101

'Peyton Manning getting ready to pass' photo (c) 2012, Jeffrey Beall - license: After the Baltimore Ravens claimed victory in last season’s Super Bowl, speculation had already started about who might come out on top this season — with the odds on the favorites already being announced at sports betting sites.

But the NFL in unpredictable, just like any other type of sports betting, but the odds at least provide those wanting to give it a punt, some information to guide them. The current favorites for the upcoming NFL season are the Denver Broncos, who have odds of 7-1 to win the next Super Bowl, but then it should be remembered that they were favorites to win this year as well, before Baltimore saw them off in the opening playoff game.

Thus, the Broncos may not be that great a bet after all and, aside from the fact that being favorites is no guarantee of anything, most NFL betting fans will know that these kinds of odds don’t offer the potential for much reward.

Another team that is also rated at 7-1 is the losing finalists of this year’s Super Bowl — the San Francisco 49ers. The Super Bowl saw the 49ers outplayed for much of the game by a superior Baltimore side, and the San Franciscans struggled against the Atlanta Falcons during the NFC Championship match, suggesting improvement would be needed. The Ravens meanwhile have odds of 12-1, which might seem long odds for the current champs, but then they were 22-1 last year and went all the way.

What all this proves is just how hard it is for even experienced NFL watchers and betting fans to get it right. Few expected Baltimore to win this year, and few would have seen San Francisco’s fight back coming either, which means that some fans might prefer to get their fix of NFL and betting elsewhere.

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