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Denver Broncos: What to Look for on Wild Card Weekend

January 5th, 2013 at 9:24 AM
By DJ Siddiqi


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The Denver Broncos are fresh off of an 11-game winning streak after clinching the No. 1 seed in the AFC Playoffs last weekend vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. Because of their No. 1 seed status, the Broncos get the weekend off (a much needed weekend off) and have the pleasure of watching the NFL playoffs on television.

Why does this playoff weekend concern the Broncos? Because the outcomes of the Bengals-Texans and Colts-Ravens games will have an impact upon who the Denver Broncos play at 4:30 EST (CBS) on Saturday, January 12th on Divisional Round Playoff weekend. 

If the Cincinnati Bengals win their game at Houston versus the Texans today at 4:30 EST (NBC), the Bengals would then make a trip to Denver to face the Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in a rematch of their Week 9 matchup, which saw the Broncos defeat the Bengals 31-23. This matchup would happen due to the fact that the Bengals would be the lowest seed remaining as the No. 6 seed, regardless of whether the Baltimore Ravens or Indianapolis Colts win their game.

If the favored Houston Texans are to defeat the Bengals on Saturday, the Broncos would either face the Colts or the Ravens, depending upon who wins that game (1 PM on CBS) because the Texans cannot face the Broncos as Houston would be the highest remaining seed of the four teams involved on Wild Card Weekend, therefore eliminating them from face the No. 1 seed Broncos in the Divisional Playoffs. 

Even though the Broncos are not playing this weekend, there are plenty of reasons why Broncos fans and players will be glued to the tube in anticipation of who the Broncos will be playing next Saturday in their first playoff game of the postseason.

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