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Denver Broncos: Four Teams to Interview Mike McCoy for Head Coaching Job

January 3rd, 2013 at 5:36 PM
By DJ Siddiqi

With the Denver Broncos preparing for their Divisional Round matchup with either the Ravens, Bengals or Colts, Broncos Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy will be preparing for something else along the way – a head coaching job.

There is reportedly heavy interest in Mike McCoy and rightfully so. A year after designing a read-option offensive attack suited to the strengths of quarterback Tim Tebow, where it led the Broncos all of the way to the Divisional Playoffs shortly after finishing with the second-worst record in the NFL in the previous year, McCoy and quarterback Peyton Manning have given the Broncos the second-best offense in all of the NFL. The Broncos averaged over 30 points per game this season, trailing only the New England Patriots in that category.

Four teams will interview McCoy this weekend alone – those four teams being the Buffalo Bills, the Arizona Cardinals, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears

McCoy has proven to be one of the game's top young assistant coaches and it wouldn't come as a shock if he were to leave the Broncos for his first chance at an NFL head coaching gig the way former Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen did last offseason when he left for the Oakland Raiders. McCoy has been at the forefront of successful offenses led by two completely different quarterbacks in Tebow and Manning. If McCoy can design offenses that cater to the strengths of a limited passing quarterback such as Tebow, while at the same time being able to adjust his own offense to Manning's desires and strengths, it's hard not to see McCoy running a successful offense to whichever NFL team he goes to.


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