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Denver Broncos: Broncos Have Chance at Wrapping up AFC West in Week 13

November 29th, 2012 at 5:46 PM
By DJ Siddiqi

'Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks' photo (c) 2012, Daniel Spiess - license:

Entering their Week 13 matchup with the Tampa Bay Bucs in Denver at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the Broncos have a chance to wrap up not only a playoff spot, but the AFC West – with four weeks still left to play following this week.

How can the Broncos wrap up the division? It's simple, and thankfully, it doesn't require a lot of thinking to understand the possible outcomes.

  • Denver Wins AFC West if DEN wins OR DEN ties + SD loss or tie OR SD loss

And there you have it folks, it's as simple as the words illustrate. Denver simply has to win vs. the Bucs this week in order to wrap up their second straight division title. Even if the Broncos lose, all the Broncos need is a Chargers loss vs. the Bengals in Week 13.

It all but looks like a wrap as far as the Broncos winning the division is concerned. Denver is basically guaranteed at least one home game in the playoffs. The question is, will the Broncos be able to achieve a first round bye along the way during the remaining five weeks of the season?

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