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Denver Broncos: Trindon Holliday Will Remain Broncos’ Punt Returner

October 19th, 2012 at 8:23 PM
By DJ Siddiqi


Despite an anemic debut to his Broncos career, Trindon Holliday will remain the Broncos' punt returner after the bye week when they play the New Orleans Saints.

Trindon Holliday was only recently signed to the roster after having been placed on waivers by the Houston Texans. Just days after being claimed by the Broncos, Holliday made his Broncos debut on Monday night vs. the Chargers. His first punt return as a Bronco did not go well, as he fumbled the football after making a fair catch signal. He did not receive much of a chance to return punts for the rest of the night, as two more punts were downed without being returned and the two other punts that were returned by Holliday resulted in a yardage total of 12 yards.

Holliday received words of encouragement from coach John Fox, as Fox made the following statement: “In defense of him, we could have done a better job of vicing the gunner in that situation. Their guy pushed our guy into him a little bit. That’s why it wasn’t a foul. It wasn’t all his fault.”

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