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Could the Mavericks Possibly Target Afflalo, McLemore?

The Dallas Mavericks were on the losing end of a blockbuster trade once again, despite having nothing to do with it. Could we salvage with a young prospect?

Dallas Mavericks: Mid-Season Centers Grades

The Dallas Mavericks centers have had an up and down season so far. How does each center grade individually at this point in the year?

3 Ways the DeMarcus Cousins Trade Affects Dallas

The NBA world was shocked on Sunday night as the Kings traded DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans. How does this effect the Dallas Maver...

Dissecting the Remaining Schedule for the Mavericks

The Mavericks have 26 games to close the 3 game gap with Denver. As we look at the Mavericks' schedule, is there a possibility they can pull it off?

Did Mark Cuban Admit That the Dallas Mavericks are Tanking?

The Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, spoke after the All-Star Celebrity game about how the Mavs are "winning and tanking at the same time."

Matthews Falls to Eric Gordon in the 2017 JBL 3-Point Contest

Putting up 21 points in the final, Houston Rockets, Eric Gordon beats out first round bust, Dallas Mavericks guard Wesley Matthews in the 3-Point Contest.

The Dallas Mavericks Could Trade for Danilo Gallinari

The Dallas Mavericks are reeling after a tough loss to Detroit before the All-Star break. One thing that could ensure more scoring?

Could Dallas Get Into the Reggie Jackson Trade Talks?

ESPN came out with another report about Detroit discussing a trade involving Reggie Jackson. Should Dallas show any interest?

Would a Derrick Rose Trade to Dallas Even Make Sense?

Bill Simmons recently posted a mailbag column where he suggested trades for every team using Trade Machine. The one for the Mavericks has some people talking.

Evaluating the Dallas Mavericks’ Lottery Competition

The Dallas Mavericks' winning ways over the last couple of months have taken them out of the running for the top pick in the draft. But who is their main lottery competition still?