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How The Cowboys Have Become More “Dak Friendly” To Avoid A Sophomore Slump

May 19th, 2017 at 4:21 PM
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What is it about Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks lately? No matter what they do on the field, there is always a ready group of naysayers to criticize and dispute their worth. Tony Romo fought this his entire career, where so many observers never got past that fumbled field goal attempt and let that color their perceptions all the way to his apparent exit from the game. And instead of that just going away, it seems to have instead been transferred to his successor Dak Prescott. Call those who voice so much skepticism about him the “Dak doubters”. They put forth the arguments that he is due a sophomore slump. When he was an unheralded rookie forced into the starting job, the theory goes, no one had any idea what they were facing. Now they have a year’s worth of video to break down, and they are going to be ready for him.

Well, the Cowboys have not exactly sat on their hands with Dak. While he has been going through the normal development NFL players have in their first real offseason with the team, Dallas has also taken some steps to reshape their offense to better suit Prescott. Last season he had to step into a team that had been built specifically to fit Tony Romo. Now, he is going to take to the field with a more Dak-friendly squad.

It is not a radical change. The basics are still in place. The team will continue to emphasize running the ball, and if they can successfully manage the replacement of Doug Free at right tackle, then everything will continue to be founded on that star-studded offensive line. But there have been three things that have come out of the offseason that specifically help Prescott.

The plan is for Ezekiel Elliott to be more involved in the passing game.

Scott Linehan is a creative and very effective offensive coordinator, but he has a couple of tendencies that work against him. One is that he hangs onto ideas that appear counterproductive. Last year, the Cowboys kept pulling Elliott on third down to insert change-of-pace running back …

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