WBC World Heavyweight Championship: Tyson Fury (c) (30-0-1) vs. Deontay Wilder (42-1-1)

Luke Irwin: Deontay is already saying he wants to show that he’s more than just power, which is already a tactical mistake. When power punchers try and show “no, man! I’m actually a sweet scientist!” it seldom ends well. Remember how much trouble Floyd Mayweather had with Marcos Maidana’s unorthodox style of “throwing everything he had” at him? Remember the second fight when Maidana tried to outbox the most savvy boxer in history? Did not go well. If Wilder tries to show he’s Pernell Whitaker, he’s going to get demolished, as he was thoroughly embarrassed by Fury in that department in their second offering. Wilder needs to know who he is and go for broke. He nearly, NEARLY, put Fury away in their first bout, and if he concedes a couple rounds in looking for a killshot, that may be his best route to victory. But will he? It doesn’t look that way. Fury via UD.


Heavyweight Bout: Adam Kownacki (20-1) vs. Robert Helenius (30-3)

Luke: Did Kownacki adjust after his loss to Helenius? Or has he hit his celiling? Helenius drew up a pretty damned effective plan on how to defeat Kownacki. There’s no doubt Kownacki is a fun fighter to watch, but has he adjusted his gameplan accordingly to handle Helenius? I’m not sure he has. Helenius via UD.


WBO NABO Heavyweight Championship: Frank Sanchez (c) (18-0) vs. Efe Ajagba (15-0)

Luke: A pretty straightforward boxer vs. puncher matchup, if overly simplified. Ajagba can catch anyone, but I think Sanchez has more than enough werewithal to avoid getting into trouble and can use his surprising motion and agility to stay out of a barnstorming. Sanchez via UD.


Featherweight Bout: Orlando Gonzalez Ruiz (17-0) vs. Robeisy Ramirez (7-1)

Luke: Bounceback fight for the gold medalist. Ramirez via UD.


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