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A Brief Statement from Undercard Superstar

A Brief Statement from Undercard Superstar

Well, this escalated quickly, didn’t it?!

After the events of this past week, of course, everyone affected or will be affected by COVID-19 are in our thoughts and prayers, and as corny and cliche as it is to say and express, yes, some things are much more important than sports.

But alas, we are a combat sports site. As such, we feel it’s always been our responsibility to help distract from the horrors and stresses of the real world, even if it’s just making some commentary and jokes about men and women kicking each other in the head, squeezing each other in the throat, or punching each other in the liver. It’s a responsibility, no matter how silly, that we take very seriously.

So in the absence of live combat sports, we’ve been brainstorming, and have been cooking up some ideas for pieces that we hope you’ll enjoy about the past, present, and future of combat sports. Additionally, we’ll also be running our daily Fight of the Day series.

You’re stuck inside, we’re stuck inside. Let us distract you.

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