Contract Pick: Manuel Gaxhja
Opponent: Chris Duncan
Current Odds: +270(Odds by FanDuel).

Manuel Gaxhja is like out of one of Dana White’s dreams. He has a world championship in taekwondo and it shows. He loves kicks that spin and punches with jumps. A lot of what he throws looks like it’s straight out of a video game. However, he also knows when to tone it back a little bit to be effective. He works the legs well and isn’t afraid to mix it up on the ground if he hurts someone.

The reason that the odds come in where they do is likely because of his experience level. Fighting in Europe, the majority of opponents he’s been able to get his hands on are really low level. That’s especially true when you compare to Chris Duncan’s Bellator experience. Still, I think the creativity of the striking and the power behind what he throws makes him dangerous against tougher opponents as well. A win should guarantee him a contract with the way he fights.

Other Contract Predictions: They’ve cooled a bit since the beginning. The vast majority probably still will, but the only ones I think are really worthy are Rizvan Kuniev and Lukasz Sudolski.


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