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Colorado Rockies Word of the Season: Implosion

September 3rd, 2014 at 5:00 AM
By Joe Lemere

It happened to the Colorado Rockies again. They had good pitching and put up enough runs to make you think the game was in hand. It wasn't. Just when you thought the Rockies had the San Francisco Giants beat Tuesday night, the boys from the Bay score 11 unanswered runs and won going away 12-7. At least Rockies fans can get some tacos again tomorrow.

Yesterday was more than just another choke job from a bad team, it kind of defines the 2014 season for the Rockies. More so even than the injuries which have plagued the team all year, the word "implode" personifies this year's Blake Street Bombers. The Blake Street Bumblers.

Before the injuries really started to impact the team, the Rockies were actually eight games over .500. If the Rox had kept that pace, eight games over .500, they would be one game out of the second wild card spot. As things stand today, they are 29 games under .500 and have a real chance to lose 100 for the first time in franchise history. If a 37 game swing can't be called an implosion, I don't know what can.

What has really hurt Rockies fans this year is that there hasn't really been a drop off in production. The offense has stayed atop the NL all year, while the pitching has been on the bottom of the league all year. The offense might have lost some pop and certainly star power with the injuries to Carlos Gonzalez, Michael Cuddyer and Troy Tulowitzki, but they still put up the most runs per game in the NL. The pitching lost a bunch of guys, too many to name here, and the ERA is still climbing, but they were last in the league when everyone was healthy and they were winning, so it's a wash.

The Colorado Rockies have imploded this season. Collapsed on themselves, producing nothing more than a big plume of smoke. If asked to describe this season of Colorado Rockies baseball in one word, Implosion works perfectly.

No one will ever ask you to describe a particular season of baseball in one word, but if that absurdity does actually occur, you'll be ready. Rockies 101 performing a public service.

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