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Will Losing Actually Be a Good Thing for the Colorado Rockies?

August 29th, 2014 at 2:44 PM
By Joe Lemere

The Colorado Rockies currently have the worst record in the National League at 53-80, one game better than the Texas Rangers for worst record in baseball. To lose 100 games, the Rockies would have to go 9-20 in the last month of the season, a mark of futility the organization is yet to reach in their 22 year history. As counterintuitive as it may seem, posting a franchise-worst record could be the only thing that makes the team better.

Rockies owner Dick Monfort is notoriously stubborn and perhaps the worst season he's experienced will resolve him to make some changes. GM Dan O'Dowd and director of major league operations Bill Geivett have proven themselves as good baseball people, but they've also proven that they don't know how to build a winner in Colorado. The front office needs major changes and it just might happen after this year.

After failing to address anything wrong with the team at the trade deadline, and now doing the same thing through the waiver period, management appears tremendously short-sighted. Not willing to part with Jorge De La Rosa or one of the multitude of outfielders that have been drawing interest from around the majors is a fault in their evaluation of the Rockies. They obviously believe that this team can contend with very few changes, but a third straight last place finish in the NL West surely has to change that thinking.

Monfort needs to hire a GM with a heavy background in scouting and player development to get the best of the team. You could have more faith in draft picks and pitching free agents that get brought in to Denver. Trades would work better than the Ubaldo Jimenez trade of a few years back. A new GM could pull off a Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez trade with a good amount of fan support behind it.

The Colorado Rockies need to change, but they've shown time and again that they simply refuse to do so. Losing 100 games would finally get the change rolling for a franchise desperate for it.

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