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A Perfect Day for the Colorado Rockies

August 18th, 2014 at 5:00 AM
By Joe Lemere

Mark your calendars, everyone. August 17, 2014 was a perfect day for the Colorado Rockies. They retired the number of the greatest player in franchise history, swept a dramatic doubleheader — one by walkoff and the other with a player competing the cycle. And oh yeah, there was also a fan now forever known as Rally Guy who was officially trending on Twitter during the second game. The only word to describe that day is perfect.

The retirement ceremony for Todd Helton's number 17 was beautifully executed. If only the team could put together a roster like they could that ceremony. Anyway, former teammates exalted Helton and he himself gave a nice speech, but the show was most definitely stolen by his eldest daughter Tierney Faith.

After the pregame festivities and a bit of a rain delay, the games got underway. Game one followed typical Rockies fashion. That is, getting out to an early lead, then pitching letting the lead slip away and then the bullpen gives up even more runs. In a stunning turn of events, though, the Rockies didn't go quietly into the night… game, they instead turned the bats up and belted five runs in the bottom of the ninth thanks to some positive juju from Rally Guy. The winning blow came in the form of a walkoff three-run home run from Drew Stubbs.

The second game of the double header pretty much followed the format of the first, but the big offensive inning for the Rockies was the eighth and more camera time for Rally Guy. That pretty much sums up the second game.

Oh, wait, there was a bloody cycle! In his first day back in the big leagues after breaking his shoulder, Michael Cuddyer hit for the second cycle of his career. He got the two most difficult hits out of the way with a triple in the first and a monster home run in the sixth. He followed that up with a single to load the bases in the seventh and then capped off the cycle with a two-run double in the eighth.

The 17th of August will always be remembered in Colorado Rockies lore. Fans will speak of yesterday for years to come. And rightly so, as it was surely a day that only baseball, only sports can provide. Days like that remind every fan of exactly just why they are fans.

Thank you, Colorado Rockies.

And you too, Rally Guy.

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