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What to Do with Carlos Gonzalez

August 15th, 2014 at 5:00 AM
By Joe Lemere

A day after news broke that Troy Tulowitzki is set to miss the remainder of this season, Carlos Gonzalez has been handed the same fate. The Colorado Rockies will be without their two superstars the rest of the way.

With the plethora of outfielders at the Rockies' disposal, it is hard to imagine a scenario where Carlos Gonzalez is on the roster next year. Just as he is tied to Tulowitzki in terms of injury news, he may be tied to the shortstop in a trade, as was discussed before the deadline. The return on both superstars will have declined with the injury news, but a trade involving both guys may meet the asking price, especially from the New York Mets.

Another thing that will hurt CarGo's trade value is the down year he was having this season. A slash line of .238/.292/.431, 11 HR and 38 RBI in 70 games are well below board for a guy that has a career average of .294 and has 136 career home runs. The Rockies need to point to these averages and CarGo's long, pretty swing from the left side to potential suitors. The swagger he plays with and the star power he possesses are good traits to bring up, especially in a place that covets stars like New York or Los Angeles.

There are no longer any other options for the Colorado Rockies front office. Their two stars are often injured and have been a part of the team that has finished in last place the last two years and are well on their way this season. Trade Tulo and CarGo to the highest bidder and start a new chapter in Rockies history.

The status quo hasn't worked for the last five years and there are no indication that it will start to work next year. That being said, the team does not need to be blown up, but a Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki trade does need to happen. Guys who always seem to end up on the DL and will make a combined $36 million next year are guys that should not be Rockies next season.

Whether or not ownership has the insight and fortitude to pull off such an organization changing trade remains to be seen. They need to pull the trigger on this trade, but seems unlikely at this point. The annual winter meetings will determine the future of the Colorado Rockies.

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