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Attention Colorado Rockies: Grant Troy Tulowitzki’s Wish

August 8th, 2014 at 5:00 AM
By Joe Lemere

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In an interview with the Denver Post on Wednesday, Colorado Rockies star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki said that he is "sick and tired of losing." Every Rockies fan is sick and tired of losing, so it comes as no surprise that the actual players are feeling the same thing. What stood out in the interview was Tulowitzki's call for change in the organization, "Something needs to change. Hopefully that comes fairly quickly."

Again Tulo is echoing the voices of the fans when he calls for change. The Rockies front office has stayed largely intact despite some serious losing seasons. That's not to say every unsuccessful year should result in a management explosion, but when it becomes evident that losing has become the norm, heads need to roll. The only problem with that is that the norm is comfortable. Change is hard. Owner Dick Monfort certainly feels that way as evidenced by the 15 year tenure of GM Dan O'Dowd. By the way, in those fifteen seasons, the Rockies' record stands at 1108-1275, a .465 winning percentage.

Dan O'Dowd has made some good decisions during his time in purple and black, but more have been poor. O'Dowd has a long history of drafting pitchers at the top of the first round that can only be labeled busts. Hopefully that trend was bucked with Jon Gray and Kyle Freeland, but only time will tell with those two. O'Dowd isn't alone in making these decisions, however, scouting director Bill Schmidt has been by his side every step of the way. And of course, in a unique front office structure, there is director of major league operations Bill Geivett. Geivett is there basically to split the decision making responsibilities with the GM, and he's proven to be just as ineffective. Monfort even called him out when asked who is responsible for this disaster of a season.

The Rockies don't need to make cuts to the front office with a scalpel, they need chainsaws and a few sticks of dynamite. Tear it down, blow it up, whatever metaphor you choose right here. They need a complete house cleaning, and when it's all said and done, the only man left standing should be manager Walt Weiss. The players love Weiss and he has kept the guys professional and playing hard despite the pitiful record.

The sad reality for Colorado Rockies fans is that this house cleaning will never happen. Monfort loves the guys he's put in charge, and he cares more about the people than the baseball. And that is certainly not a bad thing… unless you happen to be the owner of a Major League Baseball team. That's when it matters. One guy maybe, and I stress maybe, gets fired, and maybe O'Dowd retires, but some serious organizational change is warranted and desperately needed.

Please Colorado Rockies, grant Troy Tulowitzki's wish of some turnover in the front office and some change on the field. That wish also happens to be every single Rockies fans wish as well, so, you know, two birds and all.

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