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The Colorado Rockies’ Road Woes Continue

August 2nd, 2014 at 9:35 PM
By Joe Lemere

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With an 11-5 beat down in Detroit in the books, the Colorado Rockies are now 17-38 on the road this season. The Rockies have historically been a poor road team, and this year has put a big fat exclamation point on that. And with more than half of their remaining games on the road, don't expect things to pick up.

Like just about every season, the Rockies have better pitching numbers on the road than at Coors Field. It helps that you play most of your division road games in San Diego, San Francisco and LA, three renowned pitchers' parks, but those games count, too. In the same exact number of games, Rockies pitchers have more strikeouts, fewer walks, fewer home runs allowed, a lower WHIP and a lower ERA. Mind you, the road numbers aren't spectacular by any measure, just much better than compared to the putrid numbers at home.

It has been the offense that has really let the side down out on the road this season. The splits are always a bit one sided when dealing with the Rockies, but there isn't one category of consequence that is tilted towards their performance on the road. Out on the road, the lumber has gotten lazy as the team has lower marks in batting average, home runs and extra base hits. They've scored 123 fewer runs and their OPS is down almost 200 points. In fact, the only number that's higher on the road is strikeouts, the one number you wish wasn't higher. For a team known for their bats, the Rox haven't flashed much offense on the road this season.

Pitching always gets pointed out as the weak spot of this Colorado Rockies team, and rightfully so, but if the team wants to compete next year like management believes it can, the offense needs to step up big time on the road.

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