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Second Half Predictions for the Colorado Rockies

July 17th, 2014 at 5:00 AM
By Joe Lemere

Colorado Rockies Batting - Nationals Park from Flickr via Wylio? 2014 mrgarethm, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

The last few months of the baseball season begin on Friday, but we figure everything that will happen in the second half out right now. Full predictions for the Colorado Rockies' second half are below:

TradesThe juiciest part of every second half for losing baseball teams, and the Rockies will be no different. Talk of a potential Troy Tulowitzki trade to the New York Yankees is heating up, but there is no way this goes down. The front office has consistently said Tulo is off the table, and when added to the Yankees' poor farm system, this trade is pretty much impossible. For now, anyway. More realistic trades will be LaTroy Hawkins to a contender and Jorge De La Rosa to the Baltimore Orioles. Fans will see Hawkins in the postseason since he'll be gone before the deadline to bolster a playoff team's bullpen. Trading De La Rosa might be in the best interest of the team, especially because of the possibility Jorge is in Denver next season regardless of where he ends this year, but he'll stay in a Rockies uniform all season.

Trends: One of the biggest trends the Rockies hope to buck is the rash of injuries suffered by many, many players in the first half. But with Jordan Lyles suffering a setback in rehab, Tyler Chatwood probably missing the rest of the season and Michael Cuddyer possibly suffering the same fate, things don't look good. Another trend likely to continue for the Rox is the losing. The injuries surely contributed to the L's, but that downward momentum sure is hard to snap out of.

General:Despite the Rockies ineptitude this season, the folks out here in Colorado sure do love them some Rockies. They're fourth in attendance in the NL despite being miles and miles back of the LA Dodgers for the division lead. The Rockies will continue to struggle in the standings, but succeed in the stands. The Rockies will finish with a top-10 pick and be in the top 10 in attendance ranks.

Impact Call-up: September is the best month of the baseball calendar for the teams not successful enough to play into October. That's because fans get to take a glimpse into the future when the rosters expand to 40 and young guys get their first tastes of the Bigs. Remember how exciting September of 2006 was when everyone got their first look at Troy Tulowitzki? So, who will that guy be this year? Jon Gray. The best pitching prospect the Rockies ever had will get to suit up with the big boys in September and he'll have fans drooling over his dynamite fastball and wipeout slider. His starts will be must see TV.

Record: Despite some of the guys coming back from injury in the second half, the Rockies will continue their losing ways. The official Rockies 101 prediction for the win-loss record for the rest of the season is 30-37. Putting the total win-loss record at 70-92 on the season. That will put the Rockies in the top five of next June's draft.

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