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Should the Colorado Rockies Trade Troy Tulowitzki?

July 6th, 2014 at 1:06 PM
By Joe Lemere

Troy Tulowitzki from Flickr via Wylio? 2009 SD Dirk, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

By now you've all heard that Colorado Rockies star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki made some remarks the other day that have kick started some trade speculation. Those comments, boiled down, are Tulowitzki voicing his frustration with the consistent losing of the Rockies franchise. He says he doesn't want to end up as Todd Helton did, 17 years for the same team, but only two playoff appearances. That seems to be pretty benign, but trade rumors have been started since then. Only the front office knows if the team will or even would trade Tulo, so the question becomes should the Rockies trade their star player?

The Rockies Should Trade Tulowitzki

The best argument for trading Tulo is simply the potential haul the Rockies could get in return. To acquire one of the five best players in baseball, a team would have to trade star prospects and established veterans alike. A link to the New York Yankees has already been put out there, having Tulo the heir apparent to Derek Jeter. The problem here is that the Yanks don't have nearly enough assets to pull this trade off. Shipping Tulo out of town would net the Rockies a king's ransom of young talent and a couple guys to contribute now.

The Blake Street Bombers would lose a bit of the Bomber part of the name with a Tulo trade, but the Rockies have a surplus of talent working its way through the minors. Trevor Story, Ryan McMahon, Rosell Herrera, Emerson Jimenez and Cristhian Adames all play on the left side of the infield and all are in the Rockies top 15 prospects according to And don't forget that Nolan Arenado was a shortstop until he became a professional. If there is a Tulo trade, it would leave a scar, but not as big as some might surmise.

The last argument for shipping Troy out of town is to get him on a contender. Tulo is a big part of the Rockies, but they can't figure out how to win. Maybe they should do Troy a favor and put him on a winner. The Cardinals were rumored to be trying to pull off a trade for Tulowitzki this offseason, for example.

The Rockies Should Not Trade Tulowitzki

Troy Tulowitzki is signed with the Rockies through 2020 with a '21 team option, so he's not going anywhere the way Matt Holliday and Ubaldo Jimenez were going to do. Why give up the franchise player when you'll have him for another six or seven years? That's six years of potential MVP caliber seasons to help the team win. Getting worse today to get better tomorrow may not work out, then other players will be disgruntled and want to get out from underneath Rockies losses.

The argument that might dissuade owner Dick Monfort the most is that a Tulo trade would hurt fan support. There would be fewer butts in the seats for every home game, fewer concessions and less merchandise being sold — basically, trading Troy would hurt the bottom line. Every owner in every sport keeps at least one eye on that when making roster decisions, and that could be enough to keep Tulo on the Rockies until a team option in six years when he's 36.

The best argument against trading Troy Tulowitzki is Ubaldo Jimenez. The Rockies seem to rely upon a general sense of ineptitude when attempting to make a big time trade. Ubaldo has been mediocre at best since leaving Colorado, but he's contributing in the Majors, something Alex White could never say, and Drew Pomeranz only found a modicum of success after leaving the Rockies. Thank God for Carlos Gonzalez or else the Matt Holliday trade would be equally bust-worthy. And if you remember, CarGo wasn't the centerpiece of the trade, it just worked out that he figured out how to be a star player when healthy.

The Verdict

This comes down to whether you believe the Rockies would get the right players back for Tulo. With Jimenez and Holliday as the closest comparisons, there can only be one verdict.

Keep Troy Tulowitzki.

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