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Annual Burgundy/White Game to Be Held September 21 at University of Denver

August 15th, 2014 at 4:08 PM
By Corey Dunkin

In a little over a month, on September 21, the Colorado Avalanche will play their first hockey game since last April, assuming that the as yet unannounced preseason schedule doesn't have one earlier. Granted, there won't be anything at stake, but it is the event that signals the return of hockey every year for the Avalanche, the Burgundy/White game.

Just before the beginning of every season, the Avalanche play an intra-squad full three period game with half of the players wearing the burgundy home jerseys and the other half donning the white road jerseys. It is essentially a prolonged practice session that is open to the fans and where the team wears gameday apparel instead of practice jerseys. The most common site for the event has been the Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs, but this year the event will return to the University of Denver. According to the team's official website, tickets for the Burgundy/White game will go on sale next Thursday and will cost $10-$25.

Naturally, this event is mostly just for the enjoyment of the fans, although it is also good practice for the players as they prepare for another season. No one is going to be delivering very hard hits in this game, of course. After all, they are teammates and no one wants to injure a teammate, especially right before the season starts. And in the spirit of entertainment, the game will be followed by a shootout regardless of the score, giving the players a chance to try some nifty moves with nothing significant on the line, which is always great for the fans.

The Burgundy/White game is a good tradition the organization has going. There is a certain excitement in the air when the team takes the ice again for a full game. The return of hockey is just over the horizon.

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