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Free Agent Jarome Iginla Signs with the Colorado Avalanche

July 1st, 2014 at 3:07 PM
By Corey Dunkin

On the heels of losing Paul Stastny via free agency, the Colorado Avalanche have nabbed a high profile free agent of their own by signing Jarome Iginla to a three year contract. Avalanche fans should already be very familiar with Iginla from his many years with the Calgary Flames where he was one of the most prolific players in the NHL. A couple of years ago after Iginla and the Flames decided it was time to part ways, he spent a brief period of time playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Boston Bruins. Now, having just turned 37 today, Iginla joins the Avalanche on a three year deal, meaning Colorado is probably the last team he will ever play for. 

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The news of Iginla signing with Colorado came almost immediately after it was known that Paul Stastny had signed with the St. Louis Blues. It would be reasonable to suppose that the Avalanche were able to sign Iginla because of having been unable to convince Stastny to stay. Salary cap space that would have been needed for Stastny became available to use on Iginla. The silver lining of losing players in free agency is that it tends to enable teams to pursue other free agents they wouldn't have otherwise been able to pursue. 

Naturally, Iginla believes that he is still capable of playing at a very high level, and he has good reason to. Just last season, he had the 12th 30-goal season of his highly accomplished career. He still has a yearning to compete, train during the summer, and do all of the things that come with being a pro hockey player. Even if his production tapers off, he should still be a very valuable addition to the Avalanche organization. He, along with several other newcomers to Colorado (like Daniel Briere and Brad Stuart), has a veritable anthology of playoff experience that can only benefit a team with so many players who only debuted in the playoffs last April. In terms of experience, Colorado's roster will be much more diverse next season than it has been in many years.  

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