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Cleveland Cavaliers: Richard Jefferson Plays A Key Role

March 20th, 2017 at 3:36 PM
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When Richard Jefferson announced he was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, it was a huge relief for this year’s potential repeat championship run.

Everywhere he’s been in the league, Richard Jefferson has been a valuable contributor. Whether that was being a member of a formidable Big Three alongside Jason Kidd and Vince Carter on the New Jersey Nets, or as a bench playmaker in a number of places, “R.J.” has always made his presence felt both on and off the floor. Since joining the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, Jefferson has played equal parts mentor for young teammates such as Kyrie Irving and fan favorite for fans of the Land.

You can tell a lot about bench players based on their body language. Sometimes it’s obvious when guys are not totally bought into their roles coming off the pine, especially veterans that have been starters the vast majority of their careers. Nonetheless, R.J. seems to more than okay with expectations of his role on this Cavaliers basketball team.

This WorldStarComedy video is a great demonstration of his unselfishness. It’s also hilarious.

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